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[A] [S] Ackermann Marit, Beyer Andreas Family-based analysis of genome-wide gene $\times$ gene interactions
[A] [S] Adler Daniel, Philipp Tassilo The rdyncall package: An improved foreign function interface for R
[A] [S] Ahdesmäki Miika, Strimmer Korbinian sda: an R package for shrinkage discriminant analysis
[A] [S] Allignol Arthur, Schumacher Martin, Beyersmann Jan Empirical Transition Matrix of Multistate Models: The etm Package
[A] [S] Antoni Arlette, Dhorne Thierry, Le Guyadec Yann Towards a R-centric architecture for multi purpose geographical analysis on heterogeneous multi-source data
[A] Arnholt Alan, Sanqui Joel Ideas for Introducing Power in the Service Statistics Course
[A] [S] Baier Thomas, Neuwirth Erich logi.DIAG: High-Volumn Real-time Data
[A] [S] Battke Florian, Symons Stephan, Nieselt Kay Mayday RLink - The best of two worlds
[A] [S] Baty Florent, Charles Sandrine, Flandrois Jean-Pierre, Delignette-Muller Marie-Laure The R package nlstools: a toolbox for nonlinear regression
[A] Bazzoli Caroline, Retout Sylvie, Comets Emanuelle, Le Nagard Hervé Population designs evaluation and optimization in R: the PFIM function
[A] Bem Justin Variance estimation in second cameroonian households survey
[A] [S] Bloemberg Tom, Gerretzen Jan, Wouters Hans, Wehrens Ron The PTW package: Global Parametric Time Warping in R
[A] [S] Blundell Charles, Eddelbuettel Dirk cran2deb: A system to automatically provide 1500+ CRAN packages as Debian binaries
[A] [S] Bohn Angela, Feinerer Ingo, Hornik Kurt, Theussl Stefan Network Text Analysis of R Mailing Lists
[A] Boosarawongse Rujirek The Forecast of the Export Quantity of Thai Frozen Sea Food
[A] Borcz Marcelina, Bala Piotr Integration of R environment with the Grid
[A] [S] Bordier Cecile, Dojat Michel, Lafaye de Micheaux Pierre AnalyzeFMRI: an R package to perform statistical analysis on FMRI datasets
[A] [S] Bose Ron The impact of Water Supply and Sanitation interventions on child health: evidence from DHS surveys
[A] [S] Boubela Roland, Filzmoser Peter, Piringer Harald Integrating R into the InfoVis System Visplore
[A] Bouche Jérôme, Fournier Gwenaëlle, Fournier Olivier, Le Poder François EnQuireR: exploration of questionnaires with R
[A] [S] Browne Dylan, Pugh Richard, Zhu Feng, Shao Fan Providing R Reporting Capabilities to a Web Application from a Version Controlled R Codebase
[A] [S] Bryant Benjamin Supporting Robust Decisions with Classification and Data-Mining Algorithms
[A] [S] Bücker Michael Local Classification of Discrete Variables by Latent Class Models
[A] [S] Burger Thomas, Dhorne Thierry A Graphical Tool for the Detection of Modes in Continuous Data
[A] [S] Carlevaro Fabrizio, Croissant Yves, Hoareau Stephane Multiple hurdles models in R: the mhurdle package
[A] [S] Chalabi Yohan, Wuertz Diethelm Managing chronological objects with timeDate and timeSerie
[A] [S] Chard Jonathan, Gibbs Geoff, Dunn Andy, Shao Fan Using R to provide a reporting plug-in for an Eclipse application
[A] [S] Cheng Chung-Ping, Sheu Ching-Fan Fitting Models for the Iowa Gambling Task with R
[A] [S] Chine Karim R on Amazon EC2
[A] Chu Mei-Chen, Sheu Ching-Fan Fitting Multidimensional IRT Models with R
[A] [S] Comets Emmanuelle, Mentré France Evaluation of nonlinear mixed effect models using prediction distribution errors: the npde library for R
[A] Cooper Danese A new system for collaborative documentation for R
[A] [S] Cornillon Pierre-André, Hengartner Nicolas, Matzner-Lober Eric ibr: Iterative Bias Reduction Multivariate Smoothing
[A] [S] Croissant Yves Multinomial logit models in R
[A] [S] Cutler Adele Random Forests
[A] [S] Dalgaard Peter What we wish people knew more about when working with R
[A] De Smedt Sebastiaan, Alaerts Katrijn, Potters Geert, Samson Roeland Mixed-effects modeling with the lme4 package: a modern tool for the analysis of plant morphological data in R
[A] [S] Déjean Sébastien, Gonzalez Ignacio, Lê Cao Kim-Anh Extensions of CCA and PLS to unravel relationships between two data sets
[A] [S] Delignette-Muller Marie Laure, Pouillot Régis, Denis Jean-Baptiste Fitting distributions using R : the fitdistrplus package
[A] [S] Denis Jean-Baptiste, Delignette-Muller Marie-Laure, Pouillot Régis ReBaStaBa: handling Bayesian networks with R
[A] [S] Denis Kevin, Irigoien Xabier, François Romain, Grosjean Philippe Zoo/PhytoImage, a software for automatic analysis of plankton samples based on R and ImageJ
[A] [S] Despagne Wilfried A Forecasting System Developed under R, Dedicated to Temperature-Controlled Goods Hauling
[A] [S] Diamond Neil, Abramson David, Peachey Tom Using R for the design and analysis of computer experiments with the Nimrod toolkit
[A] [S] Eddelbuettel Dirk C++ classes to extend and embed R: The Rcpp and RInside packages
[A] [S] Ellis Andrew, Wuertz Diethelm, Chalabi Yohan, Hanf Martin Why Does Rmetrics Need a Documentation Project?
[A] [S] Emerson John, Kane Michael bigmemory: bigger, better, and platform-independent
[A] [S] Epifanio Irene Proximity data visualization with h-plots
[A] [S] Etienne Marie-Pierre, Corvazier Cyril, Legros Benjamin Coalition : a simple and useful tool to distribute R-works on a set of computers
[A] [S] Fernandez del Pozo Juan A., Bielza Concha Influence Diagrams on R
[A] [S] Ferreira Marco, Bertolde Adelmo, Holan Scott Analysis of Economic Data With Multiscale Spatio-temporal Models
[A] [S] Fetzer Ingo, Jehmlich Nico, Schmidt Frank Novel method for estimating isotope incorporation into peptides using the half-decimal place rule
[A] [S] Fontdecaba Sara, Jose A. Sanchez-Espigares, Pilar Munoz Estimating Markov-Switching Regression Models in R: An application to model energy price in Spain
[A] [S] França Lionel Riou, Genolini Christophe R to LaTeX, Univariate Analysis
[A] [S] Francois Romain, Chine Karim Advanced editor for the biocep workbench
[A] [S] Friedman Jerome H. Fast Sparse Regression and Classification
[A] [S] Friedrich Christoph M., Gündel Michaela Combining Text Mining and Microarray Analysis
[A] [S] Furmañczyk Konrad, Zalewska Marta The investigation a frequency of asthma in ECAP study in Poland
[A] [S] Galili Tal, Gavrilov Yulia, Benjamini Yoav Using R for regression model selection with adaptive penalties procedures based on the False Discovery Rate (FDR) criteria
[A] [S] Gandy Axel Sequential Implementation of Monte Carlo Tests with Uniformly Bounded Resampling Risk
[A] Genolini Christophe, Falissard Bruno KmL: K-means for Clustering Longitudinal Data
[A] Gochez Francisco RNONMEM2: An R bundle for easy manipulation and graphing of NONMEM data.
[A] [S] Goulet Vincent Risk Theory Calculations with R and actuar
[A] Greenacre Michael Dynamic transitions between multivariate methods
[A] [S] Grömping Ulrike Design of Experiments in R
[A] [S] Grosjean Philippe, Francois Romain, Barton Kamil SciViews-K and Komodo Edit, a new platform-independent GUI/IDE for R
[A] [S] Guazzelli Alex, Lin Wen-Ching, Zeller Michael Easy Execution of Data Mining Models through PMML
[A] [S] Hadley Wickham Model visualisation (with ggplot2)
[A] [S] Haldermans Philippe, Shkedy Ziv LMMNorm: a package for the normalization of microarrays using linear mixed models
[A] [S] Harbron Chris Using R For Flexible Modeling Of Pre-Clinical Combination Studies
[A] Harner E. James, Luo Dajie mult: a Multivariate R Package with a Dynamic Java Frontend
[A] Harrison Jay Indices for measuring location impact in Bayesian spatial models for agricultural field trials
[A] [S] Hastie Trevor Regularization Paths for Generalized Linear Models via Coordinate Descent
[A] Hatekar Neeraj, Kumar Ajit Computational Social Sciences using R
[A] [S] Heiberger Richard Dynamic Control of R Graphics through RExcel
[A] Helbert Celine, Dupuy Delphine, Deville Yves A new R bundle for design and analysis of computer experiments
[A] Henning Elisa, Alves Custodio, Samohyl Robert Multivariate Process Monitoring and Control with R
[A] Henningsen Arne, Kumbhakar Subal Efficiency Analysis in R using Parametric, Semiparametric, and Nonparametric Methods
[A] [S] Henry Solomon, Wood Douglas, Narasimhan Balasubramanian Subject Randomization System
[A] Hocking Toby Dylan Sublogo dendrograms: visualizing correlation in biological sequence motifs
[A] [S] Hofner Benjamin, Hothorn Torsten, Kneib Thomas CoxFlexBoost: Fitting Structured Survival Models
[A] [S] Hothorn Torsten, Zeileis Achim partykit: A Toolbox for Recursive Partytioning
[A] [S] Hupé Philippe A suite of R packages for the analysis of DNA copy number microarray experiments
[A] [S] Hurley Catherine, Oldford R.W Eulerian tour algorithms for data visualization and the PairViz package
[A] [S] Iacus Stefano Maria Financial econometrics based on stochastic differential equations and the 'sde' package
[A] Ibáñez Maria Victoria, Prades Miriam, Simó Amelia Modeling recovery rates of municipal waste using generalized linear models and beta regression
[A] [S] Iodice D'Enza Alfonso Binary attributes quantification with external information
[A] Ishida Hisashi, Kondo Fumiyo Simultaneous Use Probability of Mobile Internet and Other Media by Multivariate Probit Model
[A] James John, Gochez Francisco Using R in a Corporate Environment
[A] [S] Jensen Landon, Shah Vatsal wiiRemote
[A] [S] Johnson Todd, Niimura Yoshihito, Tsunoda Tatsuhiko hzAnalyzer: Detection, quantification, and visualization of contiguous homozygosity in human populations from high-density genotyping datasets using R and Java
[A] [S] Jones Wayne Introducing the R to PowerPoint Package
[A] [S] Jose A. Sanchez-Espigares, Jordi Ocaña An R implementation of bootstrap procedures for mixed models
[A] [S] Joucla Sébastien, Pippow Andreas, Kloppenburg Peter, Pouzat Christophe The CalciOMatic package: a new tool for calcium imaging quantitative analysis
[A] [S] Kaiser Sebastian, Leisch Friedrich A Generalized Motif Bicluster Algorithm
[A] [S] Katina Stanislav Shape analysis in R: GM library in the light of recent methodological developments
[A] Klemmt Dr. Hans-Joachim Application of R for classification of main tree species using terrestrial laser scanner data
[A] [S] Klinger Roman, Friedrich Christoph M. rSMILE, an interface to the Bayesian Network package GeNIe/SMILE
[A] [S] Klinke Sigbert Visualising a web site with tag clouds generated by R
[A] [S] Kloareg Maela, Friguet Chloé, Causeur David Factor Analysis for Multiple Testing (FAMT) : an R package for large-scale significance testing under dependence
[A] [S] Knoblauch Kenneth, Tandeau Blaise, Maloney Laurence T. Maximum Likelihood Conjoint Measurement in R
[A] Kohl Matthias R Package RobLoxBioC: Infinitesimally robust estimators for preprocessing gene expression data
[A] [S] Lalanne Christophe, Duracinsky Martin, Vaivre-Douret Laurence, Chassany Olivier Psychometrics in R: Rasch Model and beyond
[A] Larson Jennifer Institutional Change on a Network
[A] [S] Laurent Thibault, Ruiz-Gazen Anne, Thomas-Agnan Christine Exploratory interactive tools for spatial data analysis
[A] [S] Le Meur Nolwenn, Hahne Florian, Sarkar Deepayan, Gentleman Robert High throughput flow cytometry analysis with Bioconductor
[A] [S] Le Ray Guillaume, Molto Quentin, Husson François Hierarchical Clustering based on Principle Components
[A] Lee Yen Package for Deciding the Number of Factors in Exploratory Factor Analysis
[A] [S] Leisch Friedrich Visualizing Cluster Results Using Package FlexClust and Friends
[A] [S] Lewis Bryan W. IRLB SVD methods for R
[A] Ligges Uwe Computational Aspects and Windows Related Community Services on CRAN
[A] Lindsey Justin Appliantized Massively Parallel High Performance R
[A] [S] Liu Wei-han Estimation and Testing of Portfolio Value-at-Risk based on L-Comoment Matrices
[A] Loiseau Sylvain, Magué Jean-Philippe, Heiden Serge The TextometrieR package: textual data analysis for social sciences and humanities
[A] [S] Louzao Maite, Goarant Anne, Peron Clara, Thiebot Jean-Baptiste Extracting oceanographic data via R: An application to habitat modelling of marine species
[A] Lubke Gitta, Meulman Jacqueline Feasibility of using COSA as a genome-wide SNP screen
[A] [S] Lumley Thomas Automating SQL queries from formulas: loading data on demand
[A] [S] Maechler Martin, Bates Douglas Sparse Matrices in package Matrix and applications
[A] Mariann Borsos, István Jánosi Power Analysis for Multivariate Generalised Linear Model
[A] [S] Marot Guillemette, Foulley Jean-Louis, Mayer Claus-Dieter, Jaffrézic Florence metaMA: an R package implementing meta-analysis approaches for microarrays.
[A] [S] Melville Scott, Fuchsberger Christian NCBI2R: An R package to navigate and annotate genes and SNPs
[A] [S] Meyer David, Hornik Kurt Good Relations with R
[A] Mi Xuefei, Utz Friedrich Utz R-package MultiSelection: Optimizing Multi-stage Selection Gain and Controling the Variance (poster)
[A] [S] Michaelson Jacob, Ackermann Marit, Beyer Andreas Uncovering Interactions in Random Forests
[A] [S] Miller David Lawrence A domain-morphing approach to smoothing over complex regions
[A] [S] Millo Giovanni, Piras Gianfranco splm: econometric analysis of spatial panel data
[A] [S] Monette Georges, Fox John A Framework for Hypothesis Tests in Statistical Models With Linear Predictors
[A] [S] Morales Mario Kaleidoscope Graphs in R
[A] [S] Moreira Carla, De Uña Àlvarez Jacobo, Crujeiras Rosa An R package for analyzing truncated data
[A] Mullen Katharine M., Krayzman Victor, Levin Igor Optimization challenges in fitting stochastic models for atomic positions in nanoparticles
[A] [S] Müller Marlene A case study on using generalized additive models to fit credit rating scores
[A] [S] Nakano Junji, Nakama Ei-ji Web Interface to R for High-Performance Computing
[A] [S] Nash John C, Varadhan Ravi Unifying optimization algorithms in R for smooth, nonlinear problems
[A] [S] Neubauer Gerhard, Djuras Gordana, Friedl Herwig Size Estimation - Statistical Models for Underreporting
[A] [S] Neuwirth Erich R and spreadsheets - combining different programming paradigms
[A] [S] Nieuwenhuis Rense, Pelzer Ben, Te Grotenhuis Manfred Influence.ME: Tools for recognizing influential data in mixed models
[A] [S] Noncheva Veska, Mendes Armando, da Silva Emiliana A Software Framework for Measuring Efficiency
[A] Nunes Mafra Ana Carolina Cintra, Cordeiro Ricardo, Stephan Celso Spatial odds ratio of disease in epidemiological studies with ordinal responses: a methodology using package VGAM.
[A] [S] Oehlschlägel Jens, Adler Daniel Managing data.frames with package 'ff' and fast filtering with package 'bit'
[A] [S] O'Kelly Michael R versus SAS in model based drug development
[A] Oliveira Teresa, Oliveira Amlcar Upper Contour Method of a Joint Regression Analysis using R
[A] [S] Ooms Jeroen IRTtool.com
[A] Ormsby Christopher E., Avila-Rios Santiago, Reyes-Teran Gustavo Methods and classes for creating in silico evolved genetic sequences of HIV.
[A] Ozel Bulent, Tunalioglu Vehbi, Gencer Mehmet, Erkan Kaan EURACE Data Visualisation and Analysis Tool with R
[A] [S] Panse Christian, Gerrits Bertran, Schlapbach Ralph PEAKPLOT: Visualizing Fragmented Peptide Mass Spectra in Proteomics
[A] [S] Pau Gregoire, Huber Wolfgang Composing HTML documents with hwriter
[A] Pelé Julien, Chabbert Marie Dimensional reduction and clustering of class A G-protein-coupled receptors
[A] [S] Petzoldt Thomas Dynamic simulation models - is R powerful enough?
[A] [S] Picard Franck, Lebarbier Emilie, Thiam Baba, Robin Stéphane Statistical assessment of chromosomal aberrations at the cohort level: the CGHSeg package.
[A] Poisot Timothée Meaningful representation of multivariate analysis output in R : how to solve the trade-off between amount of information and readability?
[A] [S] Porro Giuseppe, Iacus Stefano Maria, King Gary CEM: A Matching Method for Observational Data in the Social Sciences
[A] [S] Porzak Jim Building Information Dashboards with R
[A] [S] Pouzat Christophe, Chaffiol Antoine, Gu Chong STAR: Spike Train Analysis with R
[A] Qeli Ermir, Panse Christian, Ahrens Christian Visualization of Proteomics Data Integrated with KEGG Metabolic Data Using R and Bioconductor
[A] [S] Quesada Jose From relational databases to Linked Data: R for the semantic
[A] [S] Radivoyevitch Tom Automated model generation and selection methods for combinatorially complex biochemical equilibriums
[A] [S] Raffelsberger Wolfgang, Paul Nicodeme, Olivier Poch Analysis of deep sequencing data to study tumor biology
[A] [S] Reilly James L. Unbiased variance estimates for multiple imputation in R
[A] [S] Risselada Roelof, Friedrich Christoph M., Ebeling Christian, Klinger Roman, Bauer-Mehren Anna Workflows for Data Mining in Integrated multi-modal Data of Intracranial Aneurysms using KNIME
[A] [S] Ritz Christian, Streibig Jens Carl Dose-response modelling using R
[A] [S] Robin Xavier, Turck Natacha, Sanchez Jean-Charles, Müller Markus Combination of protein biomarkers
[A] Rosenbaum Janet, Rompalo Anne Giving syphilis to friends: Using social network methods to study the spread and control of syphilis in Baltimore
[A][S] Roustant Olivier, Ginsbourger David, Deville Yves The DiceKriging package: kriging-based metamodeling and optimization for computer experiments
[A] [S] Rowe Brian Lee Yung A Tale of Two Theories: Reconciling random matrix theory and shrinkage estimation as methods for covariance matrix estimation
[A] [S] Ruckdeschel Peter, Spangl Bernhard R-Package "robKalman"" ---R. Kalman's revenge ... or robustness for Kalman filtering revisited
[A] Sarkar Deepayan Using Qt for GUI tasks in R
[A] Sarmad Majid PLS in Chemometrics with R
[A] [S] Scharl Theresa, Leisch Friedrich R package gcExplorer: graphical and inferential exploration of cluster solutions
[A] [S] Schimek Michael G., Budinska Eva, Lin Shili, Mysickova Alena Inference, aggregation and graphics for top-k rank lists
[A] [S] Schmidbauer Harald, Tunalioglu Vehbi Sinan, Roesch Angi MGARCH: An R Package for Fitting Multivariate GARCH Models
[A] [S] Schmidberger Markus State-of-the-art in Parallel Computing with R
[A] [S] Scott David, Wuertz Diethelm, Dong Christine Implementation of Software for Distributions in R
[A] [S] Sharp Gary, Friskin David, Hosking Stephen, Logie Catherine The Determination of an Environmental Service for a Contingent Valuation Study - Using R to Compute Estimates
[A] [S] Sheu Ching-Fan, Cheng Teng-Chang ALM: An R Package for Simulating Associative Learning Models
[A] [S] Silles Chris, Runnalls Andrew Provenance Tracking in CXXR
[A] [S] Smith David Parallel Computing with Iterators
[A] [S] Soetaert Karline Mathematical modelling of the environment - are there enough data?
[A] Stahlschmidt Stephan, Tausendteufel Helmut, Härdle Wolfgang Linking the Offender's age to the Criminal Event: A Statistical Study on Sex-related Homicides
[A] Stephan Celso, Nucci Luciana, Mafra Ana Carolina, Cordeiro Ricardo A Spatial Multinomial Case-Control Modeling Package
[A] [S] Stewart Sam, Abdolell Mohamed, LeBlanc Michael Customizing the rpart library for multivariate gaussian outcomes: the longRPart library
[A] [S] Stigler Matthieu Threshold cointegration in R
[A] Storey John To be announced
[A] [S] Strobl Carolin, Zeileis Achim Party on! - A new, conditional variable importance measure for random forests available in *party*
[A] [S] Su Yu-Sung, Gelman Andrew, Hill Jennifer Multiple imputation with diagnostics: opening windows into the black box
[A] [S] Sueur Jerome, Aubin Thierry, Simonis Caroline Sound analysis and synthesis with the package Seewave
[A] [S] Templ Matthias, Alfons Andreas, Filzmoser Peter Exploring the multivariate structure of missing
[A] [S] Theus Martin Statistical Graphics! Who needs Visual Analytics?
[A] [S] Theussl Stefan, Feinerer Ingo, Hornik Kurt Distributed Text Mining with tm
[A] [S] Thorin Chantal, Mallem Yassine, Noireaud Jacques, Desfontis Jean - Claude Tools on R for Dose-response curves analysis
[A] Toomet Ott, Henningsen Arne maxLik: A Package for Maximum Likelihood Estimation in R
[A] [S] Urbanek Simon iPlots Extreme - next-generation interactive graphics for analysis of large data in R
[A] [S] van Eikeren Josh, van Eikeren Paul Microsoft Office Dynamic Documents as R Applications
[A] [S] van Eikeren Paul, Dow-Hygelund Corey Bayesian Approach to the Specification of Design Space in Quality by Design
[A] [S] Van Iseghem Sylvie, Demanèche Sébastien, Daurès Fabienne, Leblond Emilie An integrated and statistical approach using R to assess the economic importance of coastal fisheries in France.
[A] [S] Varadhan Ravi, Subramaniam Ganesh Automatic Numerical Differentiation of Noisy, Time-Ordered Data in R
[A] Vautier Bertrand What useR! deals with : a text mining over the ages
[A] [S] Villalobos Hector, Gonzalez-Rodriguez Eduardo satin: a R package for extracting and visualizing satellite data for oceanographic applications
[A] [S] Vistocco Domenico, Bruzzese Dario Stairstep-like dendrogram cut: a permutation test approach.
[A] Voirin Pascale Interactive R server for teaching statistics
[A] [S] Walz Corinne, Ziemer Franziska, Amberti Daniele Electrical Load Forecasting in R
[A] Weeks Richard, Kimberlin Oliver Using R for Sensory Analysis, including a discussion of the S4 class system
[A] [S] Wessa Patrick, van Stee Ed The Reproducible Computing package
[A] [S] Wijffels Jan Prediction and Fuzzy Logic at ThomasCook to automate price settings of last minute offers
[A] [S] Winston Rory Handling Streaming Data in R using bigmemory
[A] [S] Wuertz Diethelm, Chalabi Yohan, Ellis Andrew, Hanf Martin Portfolio Analysis and Optimization with R/Rmetrics
[A] [S] Zambrano Bigiarini Mauricio R in Hydrological Modelling: Why we should try it ?
[A] [S] Zeileis Achim Tree Algorithms in Data Mining: Comparison of R-rpart and Rweka
[A] [S] Zeileis Achim, Hornik Kurt, Murrell Paul Escaping RGBland: Selecting Colors for Statistical Graphics
[A] Zeleny David, Tichy Lubomir Linking R and JUICE: software tool for analysis and visualization of vegetation data
[A] [S] Zhao Jing Hua, Tan Qihua Use of R in genome-wide association studies