Directions in Statistical Computing (DSC) 2017 was an invitation-only conference held in conjunction with UseR! 2017 in Brussels, July 3-4. Talks covered a diverse range of topics revolving around R, including parallel/distributed computing, compilation, syntax extensions, alternative implementations of basic vectors, and package management. There was an R-core meeting on the afternoon of July 3, where some of the proposals were discussed.


  • Luke Tierney (ALTREP branch) [pdf]
  • Tomas Kalibera (Byte Code Compiler: Recent Work on R Runtime) [pdf]
  • Helena Kotthaus (R Goes Mobile: Efficient Scheduling for Parallel R Programs on Heterogeneous Embedded Systems) [pdf]
  • Hannes Mühleisen (Dressing up Data for R) [pdf]
  • Jim Hester (Syntax Extensions to R) [html]
  • Lionel Henry (fexprs) [pdf]
  • Dirk Eddelbuettel (Rcpp at a 1k Reverse Depends) [pdf]
  • Gabor Csardi (R Hub) [pdf]
  • Martin Morgan (Bioconductor development model) [pdf]
  • Petr Maj (JIT for R) [pdf]
  • Jan Vitek (Annotations for R) [pdf]