Code of Conduct Policy

Conferences organized or endorsed by the R Foundation must have a code of conduct in order to ensure an experience free from harassment for all participants. We encourage other R meetings not affiliated with the R Foundation to adopt the same policy.

A code of conduct serves two important purposes. Firstly, it sends a clear message to those outside the community that an R conference is a professional and comfortable working environment for all participants. Secondly, it provides a mechanism for reporting and handling any incidents of harassment that may occur.

We have adopted a standard code of conduct for conference organizers to use; use of an alternative code of conduct or alterations to this standard code of conduct should be approved by the R Foundation Conferences Committee (RFCC). Conference organizers are responsible for ensuring the code of conduct is enforced, in particular:

  1. Placing the code of conduct in a prominent position on the conference website.
  2. Making agreement to the code of conduct part of the terms and conditions for registration and sponsorship.

Further guidelines are provided by the RFCC to conference organisers to assist with implementing the code of conduct.