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Regular Posters


1. Toby Dylan Hocking: Adding direct labels to plots

2. Cláudio Souza Filho: iRegression: a regression library to symbolic interval-valued variables

3. Carlos E. Rodríguez: Mixtures of Unimodal Distributions


4. Frank Kramer: Accelerating Simulations in R using Automatically Generated GPGPU-Code

5. Tobias Verbeke: The State of StatET

6. Tobias Verbeke: The R Service Bus


7. Thomas Roth: Teaching Measurement Systems Analysis to Engineers Using R [Poster]

8. Jason Waddell: The cards Package

Finance/Actuarial Statistics

9. Viren Patel and Gao Yu: Using R in Insurance: Examples from Lloyd's

10. Yu-Min Yen: Solving Norm Constrained Portfolio Optimizations via Coordinate-Wise Descent Algorithms

Ecology/Environmental Statistics

11. Alejandro Alija: Using R for air quality data analysis: A tool for designing improved large-scale air pollution prevention programs

12. Elizabeth Elliott: Invasions by polymorphic species

13. Naim Matasci: Using R to Empower a New Plant Biology [Poster]


14. Federico Comoglio: Rknots, an R package for the topological analysis of knotted biological polymers

15. James Foadi: A specialised software for statistical applications in macromolecular crystallography

16. Pierre Gestraud: EMA - A R package for Easy Microarray Data Analysis

17. Neetika Nath: Classification of Enzymes via Machine Learning Approaches

18. Mike Smith: BeadDataPackR: A Compression Tool For Raw Illumina Microarray Data

19. Daniel Taliun: GWAtoolbox: An R Package for Time Efficient Quality Control of Multiple GWAS Data Files

Medical Statistics

20. Anette Luther Christensen: Is the seasonal variation in hospitalisations rates of atrial fibrillation induced strokes in Denmark and New Zealand dynamic?

21. Kelvin Lam: Predictive Tool Development : A Time-to-event study of Diabetes Complications in Ontario

Official/Social Statistics

22. Anthony Damico: Analyzing the American Community Survey with R [Poster]

23. Sandra D. Griffith: Nonparametric estimation of a heaping mechanism for precise and heaped self-report data

Operational Research

24. Osvaldo Anacleto-Junior: Forecasting multivariate time series using the DLM package: An application to road traffic networks

25. Sarah Bolt: Who's in the Waiting Room? Modelling Multivariate Time Series of Counts of Patients to Hospital Emergency Departments

26. Katrine Damgaard: Algorithm for defining hospital stays [Poster]

Late-breaking Posters

Please see abstract book for abstracts.

Richard A. Bilonick: Using merror 2.0 to Determine Measurement Bias and Imprecision [Poster]

Marco Calderisi: Using Metabolomics to monitoring kidney transplanted patients: transplant from a living donor

Colin Gillespie: hyperSpecGUI: Graphical Interaction in Spectroscopic Data Analysis

Stanislav Katina: Visualisation for three-dimensional shape data

Paul Kirk: Bayesian Hierarchical Clustering for Microarray Time Series Data with Replicates and Outlier Measurements [Poster]

Martin Mächler: Arbitrary Accurate Computation with R: Package 'Rmpfr'

Antonio Minarro: A dissimilarity based on relevant statistics

Stephen Pederson: BMEA: An R package for the analysis of Affymetrix® Exon Array Data

Randall Pruim: Interactive Applets for Teaching with R

Koo Rijpkema: How engineers will learn R from motorcycle tires! [Poster]

Pierre Roudier: plotKML: a framework for visualization of space-time data in virtual globes

Gustaf Rydevik: 1+1=3: Combining cross-sectional multiple test data to find the historic shape of an epidemic

Christoph Sax: A Package for Temporal Disaggregation of Time Series

Markus Schmidberger: - Your Calculation Cloud for R

Ching-Shih Tsou: A tentative implementation of R for finding the non-dominated set in multi-objective optimization

Gokmen Zararsiz: A hybrid machine learning algorithm for unlabeled gene expression data classification [Poster]

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