Time Wednesday, July 8 Time Thursday, July 9 Time Friday, July 10
08:15 - 08:45 Registration    
08:45 - 09:00 Welcome (Big room)
09:00 - 09:45 Invited Lecture (Big room): 09:00 - 09:45 Invited Lecture (Big room): 09:00 - 09:45 Invited Lecture (Big room):
  Dalgaard: What we wish people knew more about when working with R? Hastie: Regularization Paths for Generalized Linear Models via Coordinate Descent Greenacre: Dynamic transitions between multivariate methods
09:45 - 10:30 Invited Lecture (Big room): 09:50 - 10:45 useR! Focus 09:50 - 10:45 useR! Focus
  Cutler: Random Forests Biostatistics (R1) Survival Analysis (R1)
  Forecasting in Practice (R2) Regression (R2)
  R Programming (R4) Textmining (R4)
  Documentation & Text Processing (R5) Interactive Graphics (R5)
  Classification & Regression Trees (D1) Numeric Optimization (D1)
      Image Analysis (Senso)   Psychometrics (Senso)
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break 10:45 - 11:15 Coffee Break 10:45 - 11:15 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:15 useR! Kaleidoscope 11:15 - 12:15 useR! Kaleidoscope 11:15 - 12:50 useR! Kaleidoscope
  Kaleidoscope I (Big room) Kaleidoscope I (Big room) Kaleidoscope I (Big room)
  Kaleidoscope II (R4) Kaleidoscope II (R4) Kaleidoscope II (R4)
  Kaleidoscope III (R5) Kaleidoscope III (R5) Kaleidoscope III (R5)
12:15 - 14:00 Lunch Break 12:15 - 14:00 Lunch Break    
14:00 - 14:45 Invited Lecture (Big room): 14:00 - 14:45 Invited Lecture (Big room): 12:55 - 13:40 Invited Lecture (Big room):
  Storey: Whole Data Approaches to Large-Scale Multiple Hypothesis Testing Theus: Statistical Graphics! Who needs Visual Analytics? Friedman: Fast Sparse Regression and Classification
14:50 - 15:45 useR! Focus 14:50 - 15:45 useR! Focus 13:40 - 13:50 Goodbye (Big room)
  *omics (R1) Clinical Trials & Drug Development (R1) 13:50 - 14:30 Lunch (snack)
  Business Case Studies (R2) Portfolio Analysis (R2)
  Workbenches (R4) Parallel Computing (R4)
  Visualization 1 (R5) Office Integration (R5)
  Pharmacokinetics (D1) Bayesian Networks & Smoothing (D1)
  Computational Social Sciences (Senso)   Cluster Analysis (Senso)
15:45 - 16:15 Coffee Break / Poster 15:45 - 16:15 Coffee Break / Poster
16:15 - 17:10 useR! Focus 16:15 - 17:10 useR! Focus
  Genomic Data & Preprocessing (R1) Association Studies 1 (R1)
  Econometrics (R2) Risk over Time (R2)
  Workflows 1 (R4) Memory (R4)
  Visualization 2 (R5) Data Connections (R5)
  Oceans & Forests (D1) Machine Learning (D1)
  Multivariate Statistics 1 (Senso)   Chemometrics (Senso)
17:15 - 18:10 useR! Focus 17:15 - 18:10 useR! Focus
  Microarrays (R1) Association Studies 2 (R1)
  Efficiency Analysis (R2) Time Series Analysis (R2)
  Workflows 2 (R4) Computer intensive Methods (R4)
  Multimedia (R5) Interfaces (R5)
  Ecology (D1) Modelling & Computer Experiments (D1)
  Multivariate Statistics 2 (Senso) Distributions (Senso)
evening City Hall evening Conference Dinner
Time\Room Big room Room R4 Room R5 Room R1 Room R2 Room D1 Room Senso
08:00 - 08:45 Registration            
08:45 - 09:00 Welcome  
09:00 - 09:45 Invited Lecture  
(Chair: Julie Josse)  
Peter Dalgaard  
What we wish people knew more about when working with R?  
09:45 - 10:30 Invited Lecture  
(Chair: François Husson)  
Adele Cutler  
Random Forests  
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break            
11:00 - 12:15 useR! Kaleidoscope I useR! Kaleidoscope II useR! Kaleidoscope III  
(Chair: Deepayan Sarkar) (Chair: Martin Maëchler) (Chair: Heather Turner)  
  Chine Karim Rosenbaum Janet, Rompalo Anne Su Yu-Sung, Gelman Andrew, Hill Jennifer  
R on Amazon EC2 Giving syphilis to friends: Using social network methods to study the spread and control of syphilis in Baltimore Multiple imputation with diagnostics: opening windows into the black box  
  Theussl Stefan, Feinerer Ingo, Hornik Kurt Stahlschmidt Stephan, Tausendteufel Helmut, Härdle Wolfgang Bouche Jérôme, Fournier Gwenaëlle, Fournier Olivier, Le Poder François  
Distributed Text Mining with tm Linking the Offender's age to the Criminal Event: A Statistical Study on Sex-related Homicides EnQuireR: exploration of questionnaires with R  
  Smith David Ferreira Marco, Bertolde Adelmo, Holan Scott Grömping Ulrike  
Parallel Computing with Iterators Analysis of Economic Data With Multiscale Spatio-temporal Models Design of Experiments in R  
  Urbanek Simon Strobl Carolin, Zeileis Achim Monette Georges, Fox John  
iPlots Extreme - next-generation interactive graphics for analysis of large data in R Party on! - A new, conditional variable importance measure for random forests available in *party* A Framework for Hypothesis Tests in Statistical Models With Linear Predictors  
12:15 - 14:00 Lunch Break            
14:00 - 14:45 Invited Lecture  
(Chair: David Causeur)  
John Storey  
Whole Data Approaches to Large-Scale Multiple Hypothesis Testing  
14:50 - 15-45   useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus
Workbenches Visualization 1 *omics Business Case Studies Pharmacokinetics Computational Social Sciences
(Chair: Daniel Adler) (Chair: Martin Theus) (Chair: Franck Picard) (Chair: Jim Porzak) (Chair: Nicholas Lewin-Koh) (Chair: John Fox)
    Battke Florian, Symons Stephan, Nieselt Kay Laurent Thibault, Ruiz-Gazen Anne, Thomas-Agnan Christine Robin Xavier, Turck Natacha, Sanchez Jean-Charles, Müller Markus Ishida Hisashi, Kondo Fumiyo Ritz Christian, Streibig Jens Carl Hatekar Neeraj, Kumar Ajit
Mayday RLink - The best of two worlds Exploratory interactive tools for spatial data analysis Combination of protein biomarkers Simultaneous Use Probability of Mobile Internet and Other Media by Multivariate Probit Model Dose-response modelling using R Computational Social Sciences using R
    François Romain, Chine Karim Villalobos Hector, Gonzalez-Rodriguez Eduardo Panse Christian, Gerrits Bertran, Schlapbach Ralph Sara Fontdecaba , Jose A. Sanchez-Espigares , Pilar Muñoz Thorin Chantal, Mallem Yassine, Noireaud Jacques, Desfontis Jean-Claude Bryant Benjamin
Advanced editor for the biocep workbench satin: a R package for extracting and visualizing satellite data for oceanographic applications PEAKPLOT: Visualizing Fragmented Peptide Mass Spectra in Proteomics Estimating Markov-Switching Regression Models in R: An application to model energy price in Spain Tools on R for Dose-response curves analysis Supporting Robust Decisions with Classification and Data-Mining Algorithms
    Grosjean Philippe, Francois Romain, Barton Kamil Hurley Catherine, Oldford R.W Kloareg Maela, Friguet Chloé, Causeur David Müller Marlene Harbron Chris Porro Giuseppe, Iacus Stefano Maria, King Gary
SciViews-K and Komodo Edit, a new platform-independent GUI/IDE for R Eulerian tour algorithms for data visualization and the PairViz package Factor Analysis for Multiple Testing (FAMT) : an R package for large-scale significance testing under dependence A case study on using generalized additive models to fit credit rating scores Using R For Flexible Modeling Of Pre-Clinical Combination Studies CEM: A Matching Method for Observational Data in the Social Sciences
15:45 - 16:15 Coffee Break / Poster session            
16:15 - 17:10   useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus
Workflows 1 Visualization 2 Genomic Data & Preprocessing Econometrics Oceans & Forests Multivariate Statistics 1
(Chair: Karim Chine) (Chair: Martin Theus) (Chair: Narasimhan Balasubramanian) (Chair: Yves Croissant) (Chair: Thomas Petzoldt) (Chair: Pierre-André Cornillon)
    Philippe Hupé Morales Mario Kohl Matthias Carlevaro Fabrizio, Croissant Yves, Hoareau Stephane Van Iseghem Sylvie, Demanèche Sébastien, Daurès Fabienne, Leblond Emilie Epifanio Irene
A suite of R packages for the analysis of DNA copy number microarray experiments Kaleidoscope Graphs in R R Package RobLoxBioC: Infinitesimally robust estimators for preprocessing gene expression data Multiple hurdles models in R An integrated and statistical approach using R to assess the economic importance of coastal fisheries in France Proximity data visualization with h-plots
    Antoni Arlette, Dhorne Thierry, Le Guyadec Yann Burger Thomas, Dhorne Thierry Haldermans Philippe, Shkedy Ziv Millo Giovanni, Piras Gianfranco Louzao Maite, Goarant Anne, Peron Clara, Thiebot Jean-Baptiste Le Ray Guillaume, Molto Quentin, Husson François
Towards a R-centric architecture for multi purpose geographical analysis on heterogeneous multi-source data A Graphical Tool for the Detection of Modes in Continuous Data LMMNorm: a package for the normalization of microarrays using linear mixed models splm: econometric analysis of spatial panel data Extracting oceanographic data via R: An application to habitat modelling of marine species Hierarchical Clustering based on Principle Components
    Risselada Roelof, Friedrich Christoph M., Ebeling Christian, Klinger Roman, Bauer-Mehren Anna Poisot Timothée Picard Franck, Lebarbier Emilie, Thiam Baba, Robin Stéphane Stigler Matthieu Klemmt Dr. Hans-Joachim Templ Matthias, Alfons Andreas, Filzmoser Peter
Workflows for Data Mining in Integrated multi-modal Data of Intracranial Aneurysms using KNIME Meaningful representation of multivariate analysis output in R: how to solve the trade-off between amount of information and readability? Statistical assessment of chromosomal aberrations at the cohort level: the CGHSeg package Threshold cointegration in R Application of R for classification of main tree species using terrestrial laser scanner data Exploring the multivariate structure of missing
17:15 - 18:10   useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus
Workflows 2 Multimedia Microarrays Efficiency Analysis Ecology Multivariate Statistics 2
(Chair: Karim Chine) (Chair: Stefan Theussl) (Chair: Maela Kloareg) (Chair: Yves Croissant) (Chair: Philippe Grosjean) (Chair: Pierre-André Cornillon)
    Wessa Patrick, van Stee Ed Sueur Jerome, Aubin Thierry, Simonis Caroline  Scharl Theresa, Leisch Friedrich   Zambrano Bigiarini Mauricio Weeks Richard, Kimberlin Oliver
The Reproducible Computing package Sound analysis and synthesis with the package Seewave R package gcExplorer: graphical and inferential exploration of cluster solutions   R in Hydrological Modelling: Why we should try it ? Using R for Sensory Analysis, including a discussion of the S4 class system
    Diamond Neil, Abramson David, Peachey Tom Jensen Landon, Shah Vatsal Marot Guillemette, Foulley Jean-Louis, Mayer Claus-Dieter, Jaffrézic Florence Noncheva Veska, Mendes Armando, da Silva Emiliana Sharp Gary, Friskin David, Hosking Stephen, Logie Catherine Reilly James L.
Using R for the design and analysis of computer experiments with the Nimrod toolkit wiiRemote metaMA: an R package implementing meta-analysis approaches for microarrays A Software Framework for Measuring Efficiency The Determination of an Environmental Service for a Contingent Valuation Study - Using R to Compute Estimates Unbiased variance estimates for multiple imputation in R
    Lindsey Justin Jose Quesada Friedrich Christoph M., Gündel Michaela     Iodice D'Enza Alfonso
Appliantized Massively Parallel High Performance R From relational databases to Linked Data: R for the semantic Combining Text Mining and Microarray Analysis   Binary attributes quantification with external information
evening City Hall            
Time\Room Big room Room R4 Room R5 Room R1 Room R2 Room D1 Room Senso
08:30 - 09:00 Registration            
09:00 - 09:45 Invited Lecture  
(Chair: Torsten Hothorn)  
Trevor Hastie  
 Regularization Paths for Generalized Linear Models via Coordinate Descent  
09:50 - 10:45   useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus
R Programming Documentation & Text Processing Biostatistics Forecasting in Practice Classification & Regression Trees Image Analysis
(Chair: Uwe Ligges) (Chair: Sébastien Lê) (Chair: David Firth) (Chair: Arthur Charpentier) (Chair: Jerome H. Friedman) (Chair: Peter Dalgaard)
    Adler Daniel, Philipp Tassilo França Lionel Riou, Genolini Christophe Déjean Sébastien, Gonzalez Ignacio, Lê Cao Kim-Anh Despagne Wilfried Stewart Sam, Abdolell Mohamed, LeBlanc Michael Pouzat Christophe, Chaffiol Antoine, Gu Chong
The rdyncall package: An improved foreign function interface for R R to LaTeX, Univariate Analysis Extensions of CCA and PLS to unravel relationships between two data sets A Forecasting System Developed under R, Dedicated to Temperature-Controlled Goods Hauling Customizing the rpart library for multivariate gaussian STAR: Spike Train Analysis with R
    Eddelbuettel Dirk Cooper Danese   Walz Corinne, Ziemer Franziska, Amberti Daniele Koçyigit Ahmet Bordier Cecile, Dojat Michel, Lafaye de Micheaux Pierre
C++ classes to extend and embed R: The Rcpp and RInside packages A new system for collaborative documentation for R   Electrical Load Forecasting in R Tree Algorithms in Data Mining: Comparison of R-rpart and Rweka AnalyzeFMRI: an R package to perform statistical analysis on FMRI datasets
    Winston Rory Ellis Andrew, Wuertz Diethelm, Chalabi Yohan, Hanf Martin Katina Stanislav Boosarawongse Rujirek Hothorn Torsten, Zeileis Achim Joucla Sébastien, Pippow Andreas, Kloppenburg Peter, Pouzat Christophe
Handling Streaming Data in R using bigmemory Why Does Rmetrics Need a Documentation Project? Shape analysis in R: GM library in the light of recent methodological developments The Forecast of the Export Quantity of Thai Frozen Sea Food partykit: A Toolbox for Recursive Partytioning The CalciOMatic package: a new tool for calcium imaging quantitative analysis
10:45 - 11:15 Coffee Break            
11:15 - 12:15 useR! Kaleidoscope I useR! Kaleidoscope II useR! Kaleidoscope III  
(Chair: Thomas Lumley) (Chair: Ron Wehrens) (Chair: Achim Zeileis)  
  Soetaert Karline Le Meur Nolwenn, Hahne Florian, Sarkar Deepayan, Gentleman Robert Iacus Stefano Maria  
Mathematical modelling of the environment - are there enough data? High throughput flow cytometry analysis with Bioconductor Financial econometrics based on stochastic differential equations and the 'sde' package  
  Petzoldt Thomas Radivoyevitch Tom Croissant Yves  
Dynamic simulation models - is R powerful enough? Automated model generation and selection methods for combinatorially complex biochemical equilibriums Multinomial logit models in R  
  Denis Kevin, Irigoien Xabier, François Romain, Grosjean Philippe Katharine M. Mullen, Victor Krayzman, Igor Levin Bose Ron  
Zoo/PhytoImage, a software for automatic analysis of plankton samples based on R and ImageJ Optimization challenges in fitting stochastic models for atomic positions in nanoparticles The impact of Water Supply and Sanitation interventions on child health: evidence from DHS surveys  
12:15 - 14:00 Lunch Break            
14:00 - 14:45 Invited Lecture  
(Chair: Sébastien Lê)  
Martin Theus  
Statistical Graphics! Who needs Visual Analytics?  
14:50 - 15:45   useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus
Parallel Computing Office Integration Clinical Trials & Drug Development Portfolio Analysis Bayesian Networks & Smoothing Cluster Analysis
(Chair: Dirk Eddelbuettel) (Chair: Richard Heiberger) (Chair: Arthur Allignol) (Chair: Stefano Iacus) (Chair: Marco Ferreira) (Chair: Friedrich Leisch)
    Schmidberger Markus Jones Wayne van Eikeren Paul, Dow-Hygelund Corey Wuertz Diethelm, Chalabi Yohan, Ellis Andrew, Hanf Martin Denis Jean-Baptiste, Delignette-Muller Marie-Laure, Pouillot Régis Genolini Christophe, Falissard Bruno
State-of-the-art in Parallel Computing with R Introducing the R to PowerPoint Package Bayesian Approach to the Specification of Design Space in Quality by Design Portfolio Analysis and Optimization with R/Rmetrics ReBaStaBa: handling Bayesian networks with R KmL: K-means for Clustering Longitudinal Data
    Etienne Marie-Pierre, Corvazier Cyril, Legros Benjamin van Eikeren Josh, van Eikeren Paul Henry Solomon, Wood Douglas, Narasimhan Balasubramanian Liu Wei-han Fernandez del Pozo Juan A., Bielza Concha Vistocco Domenico, Bruzzese Dario
Coalition : a simple and useful tool to distribute R-works on a set of computers Microsoft Office Dynamic Documents as R Applications Subject Randomization System Estimation and Testing of Portfolio Value-at-Risk based on L-Comoment Matrices Influence Diagrams on R Stairstep-like dendrogram cut: a permutation test approach
    Nakano Junji, Nakama Ei-ji Chard Jonathan, Gibbs Geoff, Dunn Andy, Shao Fan O'Kelly Michael Rowe Brian Lee Yung Jégou Nicolas, Cornillon Pierre-André, Hengartner Nicolas, Matzner-Lober Eric Kaiser Sebastian, Leisch Friedrich
Web Interface to R for High-Performance Computing Using R to provide a reporting plug-in for an Eclipse application R versus SAS in model based drug development A Tale of Two Theories: Reconciling random matrix theory and shrinkage estimation as methods for covariance matrix estimation ibr: Iterative Bias Reduction Multivariate Smoothing A Generalized Motif Bicluster Algorithm
15:45 - 16:15 Coffee Break / Poster session            
16:15 - 17:10   useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus
Memory Data Connections Association Studies 1 Risk over Time Machine Learning Chemometrics
(Chair: Dirk Eddelbuettel) (Chair: Hadley Wickham) (Chair: Adele Cutler) (Chair: Yohan Chalabi) (Chair: Eric Matzner-Lober) (Chair: Katharine Mullen)
    Baier Thomas, Neuwirth Erich Gochez Francisco Johnson Todd, Niimura Yoshihito, Tsunoda Tatsuhiko Goulet Vincent Ahdesmäki Miika, Strimmer Korbinian Bloemberg Tom, Gerretzen Jan, Wouters Hans, Wehrens Ron
logi.DIAG: High-Volumn Real-time Data RNONMEM2: An R bundle for easy manipulation and graphing of NONMEM data hzAnalyzer: Detection, quantification, and visualization of contiguous homozygosity in human populations from high-density genotyping datasets using R and Java Risk Theory Calculations with R and actuar sda: an R package for shrinkage discriminant analysis The PTW package: Global Parametric Time Warping in R
    Oehlschlägel Jens, Adler Daniel Heiberger Richard Melville Scott, Fuchsberger Christian Schmidbauer Harald, Tunalioglu Vehbi Sinan, Roesch Angi Bücker Michael Sarmad Majid
Managing data.frames with package 'ff' and fast filtering with package 'bit' Dynamic Control of R Graphics through RExcel NCBI2R: An R package to navigate and annotate genes and SNPs MGARCH: An R Package for Fitting Multivariate GARCH Models Local Classification of Discrete Variables by Latent Class Models PLS in Chemometrics with R
    Emerson John, Kane Michael Neuwirth Erich Lubke Gitta, Meulman Jacqueline Chalabi Yohan, Wuertz Diethelm Michaelson Jacob, Ackermann Marit, Beyer Andreas  
bigmemory: bigger, better, and platform-independent R and spreadsheets - combining different programming paradigms Feasibility of using COSA as a genome-wide SNP screen Managing chronological objects with timeDate and timeSerie Uncovering Interactions in Random Forests  
17:15 - 18:10   useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus
Computer intensive Methods Interfaces Association Studies 2 Time Series Analysis Modelling & Computer Experiments Distributions
(Chair: Arnaud Guyader) (Chair: Hadley Wickham) (Chair: Adele Cutler) (Chair: Yohan Chalabi) (Chair: Ching-Fan Sheu) (Chair: Peter Rudeckdeschel)
    Gandy Axel Browne Dylan, Pugh Richard, Zhu Feng, Shao Fan Raffelsberger Wolfgang, Paul Nicodeme, Olivier Poch Ruckdeschel Peter, Spangl Bernhard Miller David Lawrence Delignette-Muller Marie Laure, Pouillot Régis, Denis Jean-Baptiste
Sequential Implementation of Monte Carlo Tests with Uniformly Bounded Resampling Risk Providing R Reporting Capabilities to a Web Application from a Version Controlled R Codebase Analysis of deep sequencing data to study tumor biology R-Package "robKalman" -R. Kalman's revenge ... or robustness for Kalman filtering revisited A domain-morphing approach to smoothing over complex regions Fitting distributions using R : the fitdistrplus package
    Schimek Michael G., Budinska Eva, Lin Shili, Mysickova Alena Klinger Roman, Friedrich Christoph M. Ackermann Marit, Beyer Andreas Varadhan Ravi, Subramaniam Ganesh Helbert Celine, Dupuy Delphine, Deville Yves Scott David, Wuertz Diethelm, Dong Christine
Inference, aggregation and graphics for top-k rank lists rSMILE, an interface to the Bayesian Network package GeNIe/SMILE Family-based analysis of genome-wide gene x gene interactions Automatic Numerical Differentiation of Noisy, Time-Ordered Data in R A new R bundle for design and analysis of computer experiments Implementation of Software for Distributions 
    Lewis Bryan W. Ooms Jeroen Zhao Jing Hua, Tan Qihua   Roustant Olivier, Ginsbourger David, Deville Yves  Neubauer Gerhard, Djuras Gordana, Friedl Herwig
IRLB SVD methods for R IRTtool.com Use of R in genome-wide association studies   The DiceKriging package: kriging-based metamodeling and optimization for computer experiments Size Estimation - Statistical Models for Underreporting
evening Conference Dinner            
Time\Room Big room Room R4 Room R5 Room R1 Room R2 Room D1 Room Senso
08:30 - 09:00 Registration            
09:00 - 09:45 Invited Lecture  
(Chair: Jérôme Pagès)  
Michael Greenacre  
Dynamic transitions between multivariate methods  
09:50 - 10:45   useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus useR! Focus
Textmining Interactive Graphics Survival Analysis Regression Numeric Optimization Psychometrics
(Chair: David Meyer) (Chair: Antony Unwin) (Chair: Axel Benner) (Chair: Simon Wood) (Chair: Arthur Charpentier) (Chair: Carolin Strobl)
    Klinke Sigbert Boubela Roland, Filzmoser Peter, Piringer Harald Hofner Benjamin, Hothorn Torsten, Kneib Thomas Nieuwenhuis Rense, Pelzer Ben, Te Grotenhuis Manfred Nash John C, Varadhan Ravi Knoblauch Kenneth, Tandeau Blaise, Maloney Laurence T.
Visualising a web site with tag clouds generated by R Integrating R into the InfoVis System Visplore CoxFlexBoost: Fitting Structured Survival Models  Influence.ME: Tools for recognizing influential data in mixed models Unifying optimization algorithms in R for smooth, nonlinear problems Maximum Likelihood Conjoint Measurement in R
    Bohn Angela, Feinerer Ingo, Hornik Kurt, Theussl Stefan Harner E. James, Luo Dajie Allignol Arthur, Schumacher Martin, Beyersmann Jan Jose A. Sanchez-Espigares, Jordi Ocaña Baty Florent, Charles Sandrine, Flandrois Jean-Pierre, Delignette-Muller Marie-Laure Cheng Chung-Ping, Sheu Ching-Fan
Network Text Analysis of R Mailing Lists mult: a Multivariate R Package with a Dynamic Java Frontend Empirical Transition Matrix of Multistate Models: The etm Package An R implementation of bootstrap procedures for mixed models The R package nlstools: a toolbox for nonlinear regression Fitting Models for the Iowa Gambling Task with R
    Loiseau Sylvain, Magué Jean-Philippe, Heiden Serge Ozel Bulent, Tunalioglu Vehbi, Gencer Mehmet, Erkan Kaan Moreira Carla, De Uña Àlvarez Jacobo, Crujeiras Rosa Galili Tal, Gavrilov Yulia, Benjamini Yoav   Sheu Ching-Fan, Cheng Teng-Chang
The TextometrieR package: textual data analysis for social sciences and humanities EURACE Data Visualisation and Analysis Tool with R An R package for analyzing truncated data Using R for regression model selection with adaptive penalties   ALM: An R Package for Simulating Associative Learning Models
10:45 - 11:15 Coffee break            
11:15 - 12:50 useR! Kaleidoscope I useR! Kaleidoscope II useR! Kaleidoscope III
(Chair: Simon Urbanek) (Chair: David Smith) (Chair: Nicolas Hengartner)
  Hadley Wickham James John, Gochez Francisco Maechler Martin, Bates Douglas
Model visualisation (with ggplot2) Using R in a Corporate Environment Sparse Matrices in package Matrix and applications
  Zeileis Achim, Hornik Kurt, Murrell Paul Wijffels Jan Meyer David, Hornik Kurt
Escaping RGBland: Selecting Colors for Statistical Graphics Prediction and Fuzzy Logic at ThomasCook to automate price Good Relations with R
  Leisch Friedrich Guazzelli Alex, Lin Wen-Ching, Zeller Michael Pau Grégoire, Huber Wolfgang
Visualizing Cluster Results Using Package FlexClust and Friends Easy Execution of Data Mining Models through PMML Composing HTML documents with hwriter
  Lumley Thomas Porzak Jim Blundell Charles, Eddelbuettel Dirk
Automating SQL queries from formulas: loading data on demand Building Information Dashboards with R cran2deb: A system to automatically provide 1500+ CRAN packages as Debian binaries
  Sarkar Deepayan Silles Chris, Runnalls Andrew Ligges Uwe
Using Qt for GUI tasks in R Provenance Tracking in CXXR Computational Aspects and Windows Related Community Services on CRAN
12:55 - 13:40 Invited Lecture
(Chair: Douglas Bates)
Jerome Friedman
Fast Sparse Regression and Classification
13:40 - 13:50 Goodbye    
13:50 - 14:30 Lunch (snack)
Poster (Room: big saloon and R3)
(Big saloon) Arnholt Alan, Sanqui Joel 
Ideas for Introducing Power in the Service Statistics Course 
(Big saloon) Bazzoli Caroline, Retout Sylvie, Comets Emanuelle, Le Nagard Hervé 
Population designs evaluation and optimization in R: the PFIM function 
(Big saloon) Bem Justin 
Variance estimation in second cameroonian households survey 
(Big saloon) Borcz Marcelina, Bala Piotr 
Integration of R environment with the Grid 
(Big saloon) Chu Mei-Chen, Sheu Ching-Fan 
Fitting Multidimensional IRT Models with R 
(Big saloon) Comets Emmanuelle, Mentré France 
Evaluation of nonlinear mixed effect models using prediction distribution errors: the npde library for R 
(Big saloon) De Smedt Sebastiaan, Alaerts Katrijn, Potters Geert, Samson Roeland 
Mixed-effects modeling with the lme4 package: a modern tool for the analysis of plant morphological data in R 
(Big saloon) Henning Elisa, Alves Custodio, Samohyl Robert 
Multivariate Process Monitoring and Control with R 
(Big saloon) Hocking Toby Dylan 
Sublogo dendrograms: visualizing correlation in biological sequence motifs 
(Big saloon) Ibáñez Maria Victoria, Prades Miriam, Simó Amelia 
Modeling recovery rates of municipal waste using generalized linear models and beta regression 
(Big saloon) Lalanne Christophe, Duracinsky Martin, Vaivre-Douret Laurence, Chassany Olivier 
Psychometrics in R: Rasch Model and beyond 
(Big saloon) Larson Jennifer 
Institutional Change on a Network 
(R3) Lee Yen 
Package for Deciding the Number of Factors in Exploratory Factor Analysis 
(R3) Mariann Borsos, István Jánosi 
Power Analysis for Multivariate Generalised Linear Model 
(R3) Mi Xuefei, Utz Friedrich Utz 
R-package MultiSelection: Optimizing Multi-stage Selection Gain and Controling the Variance (poster) 
(R3) Nunes Mafra Ana Carolina Cintra, Cordeiro Ricardo, Stephan Celso 
Spatial odds ratio of disease in epidemiological studies with ordinal responses: a methodology using package VGAM. 
(R3) Oliveira Teresa, Oliveira Amlcar 
Upper Contour Method of a Joint Regression Analysis using R 
(R3) Ormsby Christopher E., Avila-Rios Santiago, Reyes-Teran Gustavo 
Methods and classes for creating in silico evolved genetic sequences of HIV. 
(R3) Pelé Julien, Chabbert Marie 
Dimensional reduction and clustering of class A G-protein-coupled receptors 
(R3) Qeli Ermir, Panse Christian, Ahrens Christian 
Visualization of Proteomics Data Integrated with KEGG Metabolic Data Using R and Bioconductor 
(R3) Stephan Celso, Nucci Luciana, Mafra Ana Carolina, Cordeiro Ricardo 
A Spatial Multinomial Case-Control Modeling Package 
(R3) Vautier Bertrand 
What useR! deals with : a text mining over the ages 
(R3) Zeleny David, Tichy Lubomir 
Linking R and JUICE: software tool for analysis and visualization of vegetation data