Tutorial: Introduction to high-performance computing with R

Dirk Eddelbuettel, Debian, Chicago, USA


R users are often limited by available memory, cpu power or both. The tutorial covers a number of available options to enhance or accelerate R processing. Compared to the previous tutorials at useR! 2008 and useR! 2009, we will cover recently added packages (e.g. multicore and foreach / iterators / doMC / doSNOW / doMPI) and new methodologies (e.g. GPU computing with R) while still covering parallel computing (Rmpi, snow, nws) and interfacing with compiled code (Rcpp, inline, RInside) and 'large memory' (biglm, bigmemory, ff).


Topics will include: Time will be alloted for discussion and questions. We also hope to prepare another 'ready-to-run' live-cdrom containing most of the packages discussed in the tutorial, and show its use in virtual machines or dual-boot setups.

Potential attendees

R users wishing to learn about measuring / profiling performance, running R in parallel or extending R by means of compiled code.

Required knowledge

There is no formal requirement though basic knowledge of R and a basic programming background in C or C++ is beneficial.

Tutorial Materials

Slides are here.