* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘sparklyr’ ...
** package ‘sparklyr’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘sparklyr’
    finding HTML links ... done
    DBISparkResult-class                    html  
    arrow_enabled_object                    html  
    checkpoint_directory                    html  
    collect                                 html  
    collect_from_rds                        html  
    compile_package_jars                    html  
    connection_config                       html  
    connection_is_open                      html  
    connection_spark_shinyapp               html  
    copy_to                                 html  
    copy_to.spark_connection                html  
    distinct                                html  
    download_scalac                         html  
    dplyr_hof                               html  
    ensure                                  html  
    fill                                    html  
    filter                                  html  
    find_scalac                             html  
    ft_binarizer                            html  
    ft_bucketizer                           html  
    ft_chisq_selector                       html  
    ft_count_vectorizer                     html  
    ft_dct                                  html  
    ft_elementwise_product                  html  
    ft_feature_hasher                       html  
    ft_hashing_tf                           html  
    ft_idf                                  html  
    ft_imputer                              html  
    ft_index_to_string                      html  
    ft_interaction                          html  
    ft_lsh                                  html  
    ft_lsh_utils                            html  
    ft_max_abs_scaler                       html  
    ft_min_max_scaler                       html  
    ft_ngram                                html  
    ft_normalizer                           html  
    ft_one_hot_encoder                      html  
    ft_one_hot_encoder_estimator            html  
    ft_pca                                  html  
    ft_polynomial_expansion                 html  
    ft_quantile_discretizer                 html  
    ft_r_formula                            html  
    ft_regex_tokenizer                      html  
    ft_robust_scaler                        html  
    ft_standard_scaler                      html  
    ft_stop_words_remover                   html  
    ft_string_indexer                       html  
    ft_tokenizer                            html  
    ft_vector_assembler                     html  
    ft_vector_indexer                       html  
    ft_vector_slicer                        html  
    ft_word2vec                             html  
    full_join                               html  
    generic_call_interface                  html  
    get_spark_sql_catalog_implementation    html  
    grapes-greater-than-grapes              html  
    hive_context_config                     html  
    hof_aggregate                           html  
    hof_array_sort                          html  
    hof_exists                              html  
    hof_filter                              html  
    hof_forall                              html  
    hof_map_filter                          html  
    hof_map_zip_with                        html  
    hof_transform                           html  
    hof_transform_keys                      html  
    hof_transform_values                    html  
    hof_zip_with                            html  
    inner_join                              html  
    invoke                                  html  
    invoke_method                           html  
    j_invoke                                html  
    j_invoke_method                         html  
    jarray                                  html  
    jfloat                                  html  
    jfloat_array                            html  
    jobj_class                              html  
    jobj_set_param                          html  
    join.tbl_spark                          html  
    left_join                               html  
    list_sparklyr_jars                      html  
    livy_config                             html  
    livy_install                            html  
    livy_service                            html  
    ml-constructors                         html  
    ml-model-constructors                   html  
    ml-params                               html  
    ml-persistence                          html  
    ml-transform-methods                    html  
    ml-tuning                               html  
    ml_add_stage                            html  
    ml_aft_survival_regression              html  
    ml_als                                  html  
    ml_als_tidiers                          html  
    ml_bisecting_kmeans                     html  
    ml_call_constructor                     html  
    ml_chisquare_test                       html  
    ml_clustering_evaluator                 html  
    ml_corr                                 html  
    ml_decision_tree                        html  
    ml_default_stop_words                   html  
    ml_evaluate                             html  
    ml_evaluator                            html  
    ml_feature_importances                  html  
    ml_fpgrowth                             html  
    ml_gaussian_mixture                     html  
    ml_generalized_linear_regression        html  
    ml_glm_tidiers                          html  
    ml_gradient_boosted_trees               html  
    ml_isotonic_regression                  html  
    ml_isotonic_regression_tidiers          html  
    ml_kmeans                               html  
    ml_kmeans_cluster_eval                  html  
    ml_lda                                  html  
    ml_lda_tidiers                          html  
    ml_linear_regression                    html  
    ml_linear_svc                           html  
    ml_linear_svc_tidiers                   html  
    ml_logistic_regression                  html  
    ml_logistic_regression_tidiers          html  
    ml_metrics_binary                       html  
    ml_metrics_multiclass                   html  
    ml_metrics_regression                   html  
    ml_model_data                           html  
    ml_multilayer_perceptron_classifier     html  
    ml_multilayer_perceptron_tidiers        html  
    ml_naive_bayes                          html  
    ml_naive_bayes_tidiers                  html  
    ml_one_vs_rest                          html  
    ml_pca_tidiers                          html  
    ml_pipeline                             html  
    ml_power_iteration                      html  
    ml_prefixspan                           html  
    ml_random_forest                        html  
    ml_stage                                html  
    ml_standardize_formula                  html  
    ml_summary                              html  
    ml_survival_regression_tidiers          html  
    ml_tree_tidiers                         html  
    ml_uid                                  html  
    ml_unsupervised_tidiers                 html  
    mutate                                  html  
    na.replace                              html  
    nest                                    html  
    pipe                                    html  
    pivot_longer                            html  
    pivot_wider                             html  
    print_jobj                              html  
    quote_sql_name                          html  
    random_string                           html  
    reactiveSpark                           html  
    reexports                               html  
    registerDoSpark                         html  
    register_extension                      html  
    replace_na                              html  
    right_join                              html  
    sdf-saveload                            html  
    sdf-transform-methods                   html  
    sdf_along                               html  
    sdf_bind                                html  
    sdf_broadcast                           html  
    sdf_checkpoint                          html  
    sdf_coalesce                            html  
    sdf_collect                             html  
    sdf_copy_to                             html  
    sdf_crosstab                            html  
    sdf_debug_string                        html  
    sdf_describe                            html  
    sdf_dim                                 html  
    sdf_distinct                            html  
    sdf_drop_duplicates                     html  
    sdf_expand_grid                         html  
    sdf_fast_bind_cols                      html  
    sdf_from_avro                           html  
    sdf_is_streaming                        html  
    sdf_last_index                          html  
    sdf_len                                 html  
    sdf_num_partitions                      html  
    sdf_partition_sizes                     html  
    sdf_persist                             html  
    sdf_pivot                               html  
    sdf_project                             html  
    sdf_quantile                            html  
    sdf_random_split                        html  
    sdf_rbeta                               html  
    sdf_rbinom                              html  
    sdf_rcauchy                             html  
    sdf_rchisq                              html  
    sdf_read_column                         html  
    sdf_register                            html  
    sdf_repartition                         html  
    sdf_residuals                           html  
    sdf_rexp                                html  
    sdf_rgamma                              html  
    sdf_rgeom                               html  
    sdf_rhyper                              html  
    sdf_rlnorm                              html  
    sdf_rnorm                               html  
    sdf_rpois                               html  
    sdf_rt                                  html  
    sdf_runif                               html  
    sdf_rweibull                            html  
    sdf_sample                              html  
    sdf_schema                              html  
    sdf_separate_column                     html  
    sdf_seq                                 html  
    sdf_sort                                html  
    sdf_sql                                 html  
    sdf_to_avro                             html  
    sdf_unnest_longer                       html  
    sdf_unnest_wider                        html  
    sdf_weighted_sample                     html  
    sdf_with_sequential_id                  html  
    sdf_with_unique_id                      html  
    select                                  html  
    separate                                html  
    spark-api                               html  
    spark-connections                       html  
    spark_adaptive_query_execution          html  
    spark_advisory_shuffle_partition_size   html  
    spark_apply                             html  
    spark_apply_bundle                      html  
    spark_apply_log                         html  
    spark_auto_broadcast_join_threshold     html  
    spark_coalesce_initial_num_partitions   html  
    spark_coalesce_min_num_partitions       html  
    spark_coalesce_shuffle_partitions       html  
    spark_compilation_spec                  html  
    spark_compile                           html  
    spark_config                            html  
    spark_config_exists                     html  
    spark_config_kubernetes                 html  
    spark_config_packages                   html  
    spark_config_settings                   html  
    spark_config_value                      html  
    spark_configuration                     html  
    spark_connect_method                    html  
    spark_connection-class                  html  
    spark_connection                        html  
    spark_connection_find                   html  
    spark_context_config                    html  
    spark_dataframe                         html  
    spark_default_compilation_spec          html  
    spark_default_version                   html  
    spark_dependency                        html  
    spark_dependency_fallback               html  
    spark_extension                         html  
    spark_get_java                          html  
    spark_home_dir                          html  
    spark_home_set                          html  
    spark_ide_connection_open               html  
    spark_insert_table                      html  
    spark_install                           html  
    spark_install_find                      html  
    spark_install_sync                      html  
    spark_integ_test_skip                   html  
    spark_jobj-class                        html  
    spark_jobj                              html  
    spark_last_error                        html  
    spark_load_table                        html  
    spark_log                               html  
    spark_pipeline_stage                    html  
    spark_read                              html  
    spark_read_avro                         html  
    spark_read_binary                       html  
    spark_read_csv                          html  
    spark_read_delta                        html  
    spark_read_image                        html  
    spark_read_jdbc                         html  
    spark_read_json                         html  
    spark_read_libsvm                       html  
    spark_read_orc                          html  
    spark_read_parquet                      html  
    spark_read_source                       html  
    spark_read_table                        html  
    spark_read_text                         html  
    spark_save_table                        html  
    spark_statistical_routines              html  
    spark_table_name                        html  
    spark_version                           html  
    spark_version_from_home                 html  
    spark_versions                          html  
    spark_web                               html  
    spark_write                             html  
    spark_write_avro                        html  
    spark_write_csv                         html  
    spark_write_delta                       html  
    spark_write_jdbc                        html  
    spark_write_json                        html  
    spark_write_orc                         html  
    spark_write_parquet                     html  
    spark_write_rds                         html  
    spark_write_source                      html  
    spark_write_table                       html  
    spark_write_text                        html  
    sparklyr_get_backend_port               html  
    sql-transformer                         html  
    src_databases                           html  
    stream_find                             html  
    stream_generate_test                    html  
    stream_id                               html  
    stream_lag                              html  
    stream_name                             html  
    stream_read_csv                         html  
    stream_read_delta                       html  
    stream_read_json                        html  
    stream_read_kafka                       html  
    stream_read_orc                         html  
    stream_read_parquet                     html  
    stream_read_socket                      html  
    stream_read_text                        html  
    stream_render                           html  
    stream_stats                            html  
    stream_stop                             html  
    stream_trigger_continuous               html  
    stream_trigger_interval                 html  
    stream_view                             html  
    stream_watermark                        html  
    stream_write_console                    html  
    stream_write_csv                        html  
    stream_write_delta                      html  
    stream_write_json                       html  
    stream_write_kafka                      html  
    stream_write_memory                     html  
    stream_write_orc                        html  
    stream_write_parquet                    html  
    stream_write_text                       html  
    sub-.tbl_spark                          html  
    tbl_cache                               html  
    tbl_change_db                           html  
    tbl_uncache                             html  
    transform_sdf                           html  
    unite                                   html  
    unnest                                  html  
    worker_spark_apply_unbundle             html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (sparklyr)