* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘photobiology’ ...
** package ‘photobiology’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘photobiology’
    finding HTML links ... done
    A.illuminant.spct                       html  
    A2T                                     html  
    Afr2T                                   html  
    D2.UV653                                html  
    D2_spectrum                             html  
    D65.illuminant.spct                     html  
    ET_ref                                  html  
    FEL_spectrum                            html  
    Ler_leaf.spct                           html  
    MathFun                                 html  
    Rfr_fraction                            html  
    Rfr_from_n                              html  
    Rfr_normdiff                            html  
    Rfr_ratio                               html  
    T2A                                     html  
    T2Afr                                   html  
    Tfr_fraction                            html  
    Tfr_normdiff                            html  
    Tfr_ratio                               html  
    Trig                                    html  
    absorbance                              html  
    absorbance_spct                         html  
    absorptance                             html  
    absorptance_spct                        html  
    adaptive_smoothing                      html  
    add_attr2tb                             html  
    any2T                                   html  
    as.calibration_mspct                    html  
    as.calibration_spct                     html  
    as.chroma_mspct                         html  
    as.chroma_spct                          html  
    as.cps_mspct                            html  
    as.cps_spct                             html  
    as.filter_mspct                         html  
    as.filter_spct                          html  
    as.generic_mspct                        html  
    as.generic_spct                         html  
    as.matrix-mspct                         html  
    as.object_mspct                         html  
    as.object_spct                          html  
    as.raw_mspct                            html  
    as.raw_spct                             html  
    as.reflector_mspct                      html  
    as.reflector_spct                       html  
    as.response_mspct                       html  
    as.response_spct                        html  
    as.solar_date                           html  
    as.solute_mspct                         html  
    as.solute_spct                          html  
    as.source_mspct                         html  
    as.source_spct                          html  
    as_energy                               html  
    as_quantum                              html  
    as_quantum_mol                          html  
    as_tod                                  html  
    auto_hinges                             html  
    average_spct                            html  
    beesxyzCMF.spct                         html  
    black_body.spct                         html  
    c                                       html  
    calc_multipliers                        html  
    calc_source_output                      html  
    ccd.spct                                html  
    checkMspctVersion                       html  
    checkSpctVersion                        html  
    checkTimeUnit                           html  
    check_and_rename_vars                   html  
    check_spct                              html  
    check_spectrum                          html  
    check_w.length                          html  
    ciev10.spct                             html  
    ciev2.spct                              html  
    ciexyzCC10.spct                         html  
    ciexyzCC2.spct                          html  
    ciexyzCMF10.spct                        html  
    ciexyzCMF2.spct                         html  
    class_spct                              html  
    clean                                   html  
    clean_spct                              html  
    clear.spct                              html  
    clear_photobio.cache                    html  
    clip_wl                                 html  
    collect2mspct                           html  
    color_of                                html  
    compare_spct                            html  
    cone_fundamentals10.spct                html  
    convertTfrType                          html  
    convertThickness                        html  
    convertTimeUnit                         html  
    convolve_each                           html  
    copy_attributes                         html  
    cps2irrad                               html  
    day_night                               html  
    defunct                                 html  
    despike                                 html  
    diffraction_single_slit                 html  
    dim.generic_mspct                       html  
    div-.generic_spct                       html  
    div_spectra                             html  
    drop_user_cols                          html  
    e2q                                     html  
    e2qmol_multipliers                      html  
    e2quantum_multipliers                   html  
    e_fluence                               html  
    e_fraction                              html  
    e_irrad                                 html  
    e_ratio                                 html  
    e_response                              html  
    enable_check_spct                       html  
    energy_as_default                       html  
    energy_irradiance                       html  
    energy_ratio                            html  
    eq_ratio                                html  
    expanse                                 html  
    extract                                 html  
    extract_mspct                           html  
    f_dispatcher_spct                       html  
    filter_cps.mspct                        html  
    findMultipleWl                          html  
    find_peaks                              html  
    find_spikes                             html  
    find_wls                                html  
    fit_peaks                               html  
    fluence                                 html  
    format.solar_time                       html  
    format.tod_time                         html  
    formatted_range                         html  
    fscale                                  html  
    fscale_spct                             html  
    fshift                                  html  
    fshift_spct                             html  
    generic_mspct                           html  
    getFilterProperties                     html  
    getHowMeasured                          html  
    getIdFactor                             html  
    getInstrDesc                            html  
    getInstrSettings                        html  
    getKType                                html  
    getMspctVersion                         html  
    getMultipleWl                           html  
    getNormalized                           html  
    getScaled                               html  
    getSoluteProperties                     html  
    getSpctVersion                          html  
    getTimeUnit                             html  
    getWhatMeasured                         html  
    getWhenMeasured                         html  
    getWhereMeasured                        html  
    get_attributes                          html  
    get_peaks                               html  
    green_leaf.spct                         html  
    head_tail                               html  
    illuminance                             html  
    insert_hinges                           html  
    insert_spct_hinges                      html  
    integrate_spct                          html  
    integrate_xy                            html  
    interpolate_spct                        html  
    interpolate_spectrum                    html  
    interpolate_wl                          html  
    irrad                                   html  
    irrad_extraterrestrial                  html  
    irradiance                              html  
    is.generic_mspct                        html  
    is.generic_spct                         html  
    is.old_spct                             html  
    is.solar_time                           html  
    is.summary_generic_spct                 html  
    is.waveband                             html  
    isValidInstrDesc                        html  
    isValidInstrSettings                    html  
    is_absorbance_based                     html  
    is_effective                            html  
    is_mole_based                           html  
    is_normalized                           html  
    is_photon_based                         html  
    is_scaled                               html  
    is_tagged                               html  
    join_mspct                              html  
    julian_day                              html  
    l_insert_hinges                         html  
    labels                                  html  
    log                                     html  
    make_wl_consistent                      html  
    max                                     html  
    merge2object_spct                       html  
    merge_attributes                        html  
    midpoint                                html  
    min                                     html  
    minus-.generic_spct                     html  
    mod-.generic_spct                       html  
    msmsply                                 html  
    mspct_classes                           html  
    na.omit                                 html  
    net_irradiance                          html  
    normalization                           html  
    normalize                               html  
    normalize_range_arg                     html  
    normalized_diff_ind                     html  
    oper_spectra                            html  
    peaks                                   html  
    phenylalanine.spct                      html  
    photobiology-package                    html  
    photodiode.spct                         html  
    photon_irradiance                       html  
    photon_ratio                            html  
    photons_energy_ratio                    html  
    plus-.generic_spct                      html  
    pow-.generic_spct                       html  
    print                                   html  
    print.solar_time                        html  
    print.summary_generic_spct              html  
    print.tod_time                          html  
    print.waveband                          html  
    prod_spectra                            html  
    pull_sample                             html  
    q2e                                     html  
    q_fluence                               html  
    q_fraction                              html  
    q_irrad                                 html  
    q_ratio                                 html  
    q_response                              html  
    qe_ratio                                html  
    r4p_pkgs                                html  
    range                                   html  
    rbindspct                               html  
    reflectance                             html  
    reflectance_spct                        html  
    relative_AM                             html  
    replace_bad_pixs                        html  
    resp_spct                               html  
    response                                html  
    rgb_spct                                html  
    rmDerivedMspct                          html  
    rmDerivedSpct                           html  
    round                                   html  
    rowwise                                 html  
    s_e_irrad2rgb                           html  
    s_mean                                  html  
    s_mean_se                               html  
    s_mean_se_band                          html  
    s_median                                html  
    s_prod                                  html  
    s_range                                 html  
    s_sd                                    html  
    s_se                                    html  
    s_sum                                   html  
    s_var                                   html  
    se                                      html  
    se.m                                    html  
    se.p                                    html  
    select_spct_attributes                  html  
    setBSWFUsed                             html  
    setFilterProperties                     html  
    setGenericSpct                          html  
    setHowMeasured                          html  
    setIdFactor                             html  
    setInstrDesc                            html  
    setInstrSettings                        html  
    setKType                                html  
    setMultipleWl                           html  
    setNormalized                           html  
    setResponseType                         html  
    setRfrType                              html  
    setScaled                               html  
    setSoluteProperties                     html  
    setTfrType                              html  
    setTimeUnit                             html  
    setWhatMeasured                         html  
    setWhenMeasured                         html  
    setWhereMeasured                        html  
    shared_member_class                     html  
    sign                                    html  
    sinc                                    html  
    slash-.generic_spct                     html  
    smooth_spct                             html  
    solar_time                              html  
    source_spct                             html  
    spct_attr2tb                            html  
    spct_classes                            html  
    spct_metadata                           html  
    spct_wide2long                          html  
    spikes                                  html  
    split2mspct                             html  
    split_bands                             html  
    split_energy_irradiance                 html  
    split_irradiance                        html  
    split_photon_irradiance                 html  
    stepsize                                html  
    subset                                  html  
    subset2mspct                            html  
    subset_attributes                       html  
    subt_spectra                            html  
    sum_spectra                             html  
    summary                                 html  
    summary_spct_classes                    html  
    sun.spct                                html  
    sun_angles                              html  
    sun_daily.spct                          html  
    sun_evening.spct                        html  
    tag                                     html  
    thin_wl                                 html  
    times-.generic_spct                     html  
    transmittance                           html  
    transmittance_spct                      html  
    trimInstrDesc                           html  
    trimInstrSettings                       html  
    trim_spct                               html  
    trim_tails                              html  
    trim_waveband                           html  
    trim_wl                                 html  
    twilight2angle                          html  
    two_filters.spct                        html  
    two_irrads                              html  
    two_reflectances                        html  
    two_transmittances                      html  
    tz_time_diff                            html  
    uncollect2spct                          html  
    untag                                   html  
    upgrade_spct                            html  
    upgrade_spectra                         html  
    using_Tfr                               html  
    v_insert_hinges                         html  
    v_replace_hinges                        html  
    validate_geocode                        html  
    valleys                                 html  
    verbose_as_default                      html  
    w_length2rgb                            html  
    w_length_range2rgb                      html  
    water.spct                              html  
    water_vp_sat                            html  
    waveband                                html  
    waveband_ratio                          html  
    wb2rect_spct                            html  
    wb2spct                                 html  
    wb2tagged_spct                          html  
    wb_trim_as_default                      html  
    white_led.source_spct                   html  
    wl2wavenumber                           html  
    wls_at_target                           html  
*** copying figures
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* creating tarball
packaged installation of ‘photobiology’ as ‘photobiology_0.11.2_R_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz’
* DONE (photobiology)