* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘googleAnalyticsR’ ...
** package ‘googleAnalyticsR’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘googleAnalyticsR’
    finding HTML links ... done
    accountPicker                           html  
    authDropdown                            html  
    authDropdownUI                          html  
    dim_fil_ga4-class                       html  
    dim_filter                              html  
    dim_ga4-class                           html  
    dynamicSegment_ga4-class                html  
    filter_clause_ga4                       html  
    filter_clauses_ga4-class                html  
    ga_account_list                         html  
    ga_accounts                             html  
    ga_adwords                              html  
    ga_adwords_add_linkid                   html  
    ga_adwords_delete_linkid                html  
    ga_adwords_list                         html  
    ga_aggregate                            html  
    ga_allowed_metric_dim                   html  
    ga_auth                                 html  
    ga_auth_setup                           html  
    ga_cache_call                           html  
    ga_clientid_activity                    html  
    ga_clientid_activity_unnest             html  
    ga_clientid_deletion                    html  
    ga_clientid_hash                        html  
    ga_custom_datasource                    html  
    ga_custom_upload                        html  
    ga_custom_upload_delete                 html  
    ga_custom_upload_file                   html  
    ga_custom_upload_list                   html  
    ga_custom_vars                          html  
    ga_custom_vars_create                   html  
    ga_custom_vars_list                     html  
    ga_custom_vars_patch                    html  
    ga_data                                 html  
    ga_data_aggregations                    html  
    ga_data_filter                          html  
    ga_data_order                           html  
    ga_experiment                           html  
    ga_experiment_list                      html  
    ga_filter                               html  
    ga_filter_add                           html  
    ga_filter_apply_to_view                 html  
    ga_filter_delete                        html  
    ga_filter_list                          html  
    ga_filter_update                        html  
    ga_filter_update_filter_link            html  
    ga_filter_view                          html  
    ga_filter_view_list                     html  
    ga_goal                                 html  
    ga_goal_add                             html  
    ga_goal_list                            html  
    ga_goal_update                          html  
    ga_meta                                 html  
    ga_model                                html  
    ga_model_edit                           html  
    ga_model_example                        html  
    ga_model_load                           html  
    ga_model_make                           html  
    ga_model_refresh                        html  
    ga_model_save                           html  
    ga_model_shiny                          html  
    ga_model_shiny_load                     html  
    ga_model_shiny_template                 html  
    ga_model_write                          html  
    ga_mp_cid                               html  
    ga_mp_event                             html  
    ga_mp_event_item                        html  
    ga_mp_send                              html  
    ga_remarketing_build                    html  
    ga_remarketing_create                   html  
    ga_remarketing_estimate                 html  
    ga_remarketing_get                      html  
    ga_remarketing_list                     html  
    ga_segment_list                         html  
    ga_trackme_event                        html  
    ga_unsampled                            html  
    ga_unsampled_download                   html  
    ga_unsampled_list                       html  
    ga_users_add                            html  
    ga_users_delete                         html  
    ga_users_delete_linkid                  html  
    ga_users_list                           html  
    ga_users_update                         html  
    ga_view                                 html  
    ga_view_list                            html  
    ga_webproperty                          html  
    ga_webproperty_list                     html  
    googleAnalyticsR                        html  
    google_analytics                        html  
    google_analytics_3                      html  
    google_analytics_bq                     html  
    google_analytics_bq_asynch              html  
    make_cohort_group                       html  
    met_fil_ga4-class                       html  
    met_filter                              html  
    met_ga4-class                           html  
    meta                                    html  
    meta4                                   html  
    metricDimensionSelect                   html  
    multi_select                            html  
    multi_selectUI                          html  
    orFiltersForSegment_ga4-class           html  
    order_type                              html  
    order_type_ga4-class                    html  
    parse_ga_account_summary                html  
    pivot_ga4                               html  
    segmentBuilder                          html  
    segmentBuilderUI                        html  
    segmentDef_ga4-class                    html  
    segmentFilterClause_ga4-class           html  
    segmentFilter_ga4-class                 html  
    segmentSequenceStep_ga4-class           html  
    segment_define                          html  
    segment_element                         html  
    segment_ga4-class                       html  
    segment_ga4                             html  
    segment_vector_sequence                 html  
    segment_vector_simple                   html  
    sequenceSegment_ga4-class               html  
    simpleSegment_ga4-class                 html  
*** copying figures
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (googleAnalyticsR)