* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘distributions3’ ...
** package ‘distributions3’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘distributions3’
    finding HTML links ... done
    Bernoulli                               html  
    Beta                                    html  
    Binomial                                html  
    Categorical                             html  
    Cauchy                                  html  
    ChiSquare                               html  
    Erlang                                  html  
    Exponential                             html  
    FIFA2018                                html  
    FisherF                                 html  
    Frechet                                 html  
    GEV                                     html  
    GP                                      html  
    Gamma                                   html  
    Geometric                               html  
    Gumbel                                  html  
    HurdleNegativeBinomial                  html  
    HurdlePoisson                           html  
    HyperGeometric                          html  
    LogNormal                               html  
    Logistic                                html  
    Multinomial                             html  
    NegativeBinomial                        html  
    Normal                                  html  
    Poisson                                 html  
    RevWeibull                              html  
    StudentsT                               html  
    Tukey                                   html  
    Uniform                                 html  
    Weibull                                 html  
    ZINegativeBinomial                      html  
    ZIPoisson                               html  
    ZTNegativeBinomial                      html  
    ZTPoisson                               html  
    apply_dpqr                              html  
    cdf.Bernoulli                           html  
    cdf.Beta                                html  
    cdf.Binomial                            html  
    cdf.Categorical                         html  
    cdf.Cauchy                              html  
    cdf.ChiSquare                           html  
    cdf.Erlang                              html  
    cdf.Exponential                         html  
    cdf.FisherF                             html  
    cdf.Frechet                             html  
    cdf.GEV                                 html  
    cdf.GP                                  html  
    cdf.Gamma                               html  
    cdf.Geometric                           html  
    cdf.Gumbel                              html  
    cdf.HurdleNegativeBinomial              html  
    cdf.HurdlePoisson                       html  
    cdf.HyperGeometric                      html  
    cdf.LogNormal                           html  
    cdf.Logistic                            html  
    cdf.NegativeBinomial                    html  
    cdf.Normal                              html  
    cdf.Poisson                             html  
    cdf                                     html  
    cdf.RevWeibull                          html  
    cdf.StudentsT                           html  
    cdf.Tukey                               html  
    cdf.Uniform                             html  
    cdf.Weibull                             html  
    cdf.ZINegativeBinomial                  html  
    cdf.ZIPoisson                           html  
    cdf.ZTNegativeBinomial                  html  
    cdf.ZTPoisson                           html  
    distributions3-package                  html  
    fit_mle.Bernoulli                       html  
    fit_mle.Binomial                        html  
    fit_mle.Exponential                     html  
    fit_mle.Gamma                           html  
    fit_mle.Geometric                       html  
    fit_mle.LogNormal                       html  
    fit_mle.Normal                          html  
    fit_mle.Poisson                         html  
    fit_mle                                 html  
    geom_auc                                html  
    hnbinom                                 html  
    hpois                                   html  
    is_discrete                             html  
    is_distribution                         html  
    log_likelihood                          html  
    pdf.Bernoulli                           html  
    pdf.Beta                                html  
    pdf.Binomial                            html  
    pdf.Categorical                         html  
    pdf.Cauchy                              html  
    pdf.ChiSquare                           html  
    pdf.Erlang                              html  
    pdf.Exponential                         html  
    pdf.FisherF                             html  
    pdf.Frechet                             html  
    pdf.GEV                                 html  
    pdf.GP                                  html  
    pdf.Gamma                               html  
    pdf.Geometric                           html  
    pdf.Gumbel                              html  
    pdf.HurdleNegativeBinomial              html  
    pdf.HurdlePoisson                       html  
    pdf.HyperGeometric                      html  
    pdf.LogNormal                           html  
    pdf.Logistic                            html  
    pdf.Multinomial                         html  
    pdf.NegativeBinomial                    html  
    pdf.Normal                              html  
    pdf.Poisson                             html  
    pdf                                     html  
    pdf.RevWeibull                          html  
    pdf.StudentsT                           html  
    pdf.Uniform                             html  
    pdf.Weibull                             html  
    pdf.ZINegativeBinomial                  html  
    pdf.ZIPoisson                           html  
    pdf.ZTNegativeBinomial                  html  
    pdf.ZTPoisson                           html  
    plot.distribution                       html  
    plot_cdf                                html  
    plot_pdf                                html  
    prodist                                 html  
    quantile.Bernoulli                      html  
    quantile.Beta                           html  
    quantile.Binomial                       html  
    quantile.Categorical                    html  
    quantile.Cauchy                         html  
    quantile.ChiSquare                      html  
    quantile.Erlang                         html  
    quantile.Exponential                    html  
    quantile.FisherF                        html  
    quantile.Frechet                        html  
    quantile.GEV                            html  
    quantile.GP                             html  
    quantile.Gamma                          html  
    quantile.Geometric                      html  
    quantile.Gumbel                         html  
    quantile.HurdleNegativeBinomial         html  
    quantile.HurdlePoisson                  html  
    quantile.HyperGeometric                 html  
    quantile.LogNormal                      html  
    quantile.Logistic                       html  
    quantile.NegativeBinomial               html  
    quantile.Normal                         html  
    quantile.Poisson                        html  
    quantile.RevWeibull                     html  
    quantile.StudentsT                      html  
    quantile.Tukey                          html  
    quantile.Uniform                        html  
    quantile.Weibull                        html  
    quantile.ZINegativeBinomial             html  
    quantile.ZIPoisson                      html  
    quantile.ZTNegativeBinomial             html  
    quantile.ZTPoisson                      html  
    random.Bernoulli                        html  
    random.Beta                             html  
    random.Binomial                         html  
    random.Categorical                      html  
    random.Cauchy                           html  
    random.ChiSquare                        html  
    random.Erlang                           html  
    random.Exponential                      html  
    random.FisherF                          html  
    random.Frechet                          html  
    random.GEV                              html  
    random.GP                               html  
    random.Gamma                            html  
    random.Geometric                        html  
    random.Gumbel                           html  
    random.HurdleNegativeBinomial           html  
    random.HurdlePoisson                    html  
    random.HyperGeometric                   html  
    random.LogNormal                        html  
    random.Logistic                         html  
    random.Multinomial                      html  
    random.NegativeBinomial                 html  
    random.Normal                           html  
    random.Poisson                          html  
    random                                  html  
    random.RevWeibull                       html  
    random.StudentsT                        html  
    random.Tukey                            html  
    random.Uniform                          html  
    random.Weibull                          html  
    random.ZINegativeBinomial               html  
    random.ZIPoisson                        html  
    random.ZTNegativeBinomial               html  
    random.ZTPoisson                        html  
    suff_stat.Bernoulli                     html  
    suff_stat.Binomial                      html  
    suff_stat.Exponential                   html  
    suff_stat.Gamma                         html  
    suff_stat.Geometric                     html  
    suff_stat.LogNormal                     html  
    suff_stat.Normal                        html  
    suff_stat.Poisson                       html  
    suff_stat                               html  
    support.Bernoulli                       html  
    support.Beta                            html  
    support.Binomial                        html  
    support.Cauchy                          html  
    support.ChiSquare                       html  
    support.Erlang                          html  
    support.Exponential                     html  
    support.FisherF                         html  
    support.Frechet                         html  
    support.GEV                             html  
    support.GP                              html  
    support.Gamma                           html  
    support.Geometric                       html  
    support.Gumbel                          html  
    support.HurdleNegativeBinomial          html  
    support.HurdlePoisson                   html  
    support.HyperGeometric                  html  
    support.LogNormal                       html  
    support.Logistic                        html  
    support.NegativeBinomial                html  
    support.Normal                          html  
    support.Poisson                         html  
    support                                 html  
    support.RevWeibull                      html  
    support.StudentsT                       html  
    support.Tukey                           html  
    support.Uniform                         html  
    support.Weibull                         html  
    support.ZINegativeBinomial              html  
    support.ZIPoisson                       html  
    support.ZTNegativeBinomial              html  
    support.ZTPoisson                       html  
    variance                                html  
    zinbinom                                html  
    zipois                                  html  
    ztnbinom                                html  
    ztpois                                  html  
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (distributions3)