* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘crunch’ ...
** package ‘crunch’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
Creating a new generic function for ‘which’ in package ‘crunch’
Creating a new generic function for ‘write.csv’ in package ‘crunch’
Creating a new generic function for ‘filter’ in package ‘crunch’
in method for ‘toVariable’ with signature ‘"AsIs"’: no definition for class “AsIs”
Creating a new generic function for ‘setNames’ in package ‘crunch’
Creating a new generic function for ‘title’ in package ‘crunch’
Creating a generic function for ‘complete.cases’ from package ‘stats’ in package ‘crunch’
Creating a generic function for ‘nchar’ from package ‘base’ in package ‘crunch’
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘crunch’
    finding HTML links ... done
    AbstractCategory                        html  
    Categories                              html  
    ContextManager                          html  
    CrunchDataFrame                         html  
    CrunchDataset                           html  
    CrunchVariable                          html  
    DatasetOrder                            html  
    Insertions                              html  
    SO_schema                               html  
    SO_survey                               html  
    ShojiObject-class                       html  
    ShojiOrder-slots                        html  
    SubtotalsHeadings                       html  
    Subvariables                            html  
    SummaryStat                             html  
    Transforms                              html  
    VariableCatalog                         html  
    VariableDefinition                      html  
    VariableOrder                           html  
    addGeoMetadata                          html  
    addSubvariable                          html  
    addSummaryStat                          html  
    addVariables                            html  
    analysis-methods                        html  
    appendDataset                           html  
    appendStream                            html  
    applyAgainst                            html  
    applyTransforms                         html  
    archive-and-publish                     html  
    as-vector                               html  
    as.environment-CrunchDataset-method     html  
    automation-undo                         html  
    availableGeodataFeatures                html  
    batches                                 html  
    buildDelimRegex                         html  
    c-categories                            html  
    calcTransforms                          html  
    catalog-dataframes                      html  
    catalogToDataFrame                      html  
    categoriesFromLevels                    html  
    cd                                      html  
    changeCategoryID                        html  
    checkInstalledPackages                  html  
    check_margins                           html  
    cleanseBatches                          html  
    collapseCategories                      html  
    collapse_dims                           html  
    combine                                 html  
    compareDatasets                         html  
    conditionalTransform                    html  
    consent                                 html  
    copyFolders                             html  
    copyOrder                               html  
    copyOrderGroup                          html  
    copyVariable                            html  
    createDataset                           html  
    createSubvarDeriv                       html  
    createWithMetadataAndFile               html  
    createWithPreparedData                  html  
    crtabs                                  html  
    crunch-api-key                          html  
    crunch-extract                          html  
    crunch-is                               html  
    crunch-package                          html  
    crunch-summary                          html  
    crunch-uni                              html  
    crunchAPI                               html  
    crunchBox                               html  
    crunch_sitrep                           html  
    crunch_user_agent                       html  
    cube-computing                          html  
    cube-methods                            html  
    cube-missingness                        html  
    cube-residuals                          html  
    cubeMeasureType                         html  
    cut-DatetimeVariable-method             html  
    cut-NumericVariable-method              html  
    dashboard                               html  
    dataset-owner                           html  
    dataset-reference                       html  
    dataset-to-R                            html  
    datasets                                html  
    deck-titles                             html  
    decks                                   html  
    delete                                  html  
    deleteDataset                           html  
    deleteSubvariables                      html  
    deleteVariables                         html  
    derivations                             html  
    deriveArray                             html  
    describe-catalog                        html  
    describe-entity                         html  
    dichotomize                             html  
    dim-dataset                             html  
    dimSums                                 html  
    dimension-comparison-pairwise           html  
    dimension-comparison                    html  
    dropRows                                html  
    duplicated                              html  
    embedCrunchBox                          html  
    ensureValidCase                         html  
    envOrOption                             html  
    escapeRegex                             html  
    exclusion                               html  
    exportDataset                           html  
    exportDeck                              html  
    expressions-internal                    html  
    expressions                             html  
    fillExpr                                html  
    filter-catalog                          html  
    flattenOrder                            html  
    flipArrays                              html  
    folder                                  html  
    forceVariableCatalog                    html  
    forkDataset                             html  
    fortify                                 html  
    generateNumCutLabels                    html  
    generateWeightEntry                     html  
    geo                                     html  
    getAccountUserCatalog                   html  
    getDimTypes                             html  
    getTeams                                html  
    grabColNames                            html  
    grabRowInd                              html  
    grouped                                 html  
    handleAPIresponse                       html  
    hasFunction                             html  
    hide                                    html  
    http-methods                            html  
    index.table                             html  
    interactVariables                       html  
    is-na-categories                        html  
    is-public                               html  
    is.TRUEorFALSE                          html  
    is.editor                               html  
    joinDatasets                            html  
    length                                  html  
    listDatasetGadget                       html  
    listDatasets                            html  
    loadDataset                             html  
    lock                                    html  
    login                                   html  
    makeArrayGadget                         html  
    makeCaseVariable                        html  
    makeCaseWhenVariable                    html  
    makeDimTransform                        html  
    makeInsertion                           html  
    makeMRFromText                          html  
    makeMarginMap                           html  
    makeWeight                              html  
    margin-translation                      html  
    matchCatToFeat                          html  
    me                                      html  
    members                                 html  
    merge                                   html  
    mergeFork                               html  
    modifyWeightVariables                   html  
    moveLastElement                         html  
    multitable-catalog                      html  
    mv                                      html  
    na-omit-categories                      html  
    newDataset                              html  
    newDatasetByColumn                      html  
    newDatasetFromFile                      html  
    newDeck                                 html  
    newExampleDataset                       html  
    newFilter                               html  
    newMarkdownSlide                        html  
    newMultitable                           html  
    newProject                              html  
    newSlide                                html  
    noTransforms                            html  
    notifyIfNewVersion                      html  
    ordering                                html  
    owners                                  html  
    palettes                                html  
    pendingStream                           html  
    pk                                      html  
    pollProgress                            html  
    population                              html  
    preCrunchBoxCheck                       html  
    prepareDataForCrunch                    html  
    projects                                html  
    reassignUser                            html  
    refresh                                 html  
    removeEmptyGroups                       html  
    reorderSlides                           html  
    replaceCharWithNumeric                  html  
    replaceMissingWithTRUE                  html  
    resolution                              html  
    restoreVersion                          html  
    retry                                   html  
    rmdir                                   html  
    rowCount                                html  
    rowDistinct                             html  
    runCrunchAutomation                     html  
    saveVersion                             html  
    scoreCatToFeat                          html  
    script-catalog                          html  
    searchDatasets                          html  
    self                                    html  
    serialPaste                             html  
    session-extract                         html  
    session                                 html  
    setCrunchAPI                            html  
    setEntitySlot                           html  
    setEntitySlotWrapBody                   html  
    setMultiEntitySlots                     html  
    setName                                 html  
    setNames                                html  
    setOrder                                html  
    set_crunch_config                       html  
    settings                                html  
    setupCrunchAuth                         html  
    share                                   html  
    shoji-index                             html  
    shojiURL                                html  
    shojifyDatasetMetadata                  html  
    show                                    html  
    showTransforms                          html  
    skipMissingCategories                   html  
    slideCategories                         html  
    slides                                  html  
    streamRows                              html  
    streaming                               html  
    subtypeInsertion                        html  
    tabBook                                 html  
    tabbook-dim                             html  
    table                                   html  
    team-sharing                            html  
    temp.options                            html  
    toVariable                              html  
    tojson-crunch                           html  
    tokenAuth                               html  
    translateCubeIndex                      html  
    translateHidden                         html  
    tuple-methods                           html  
    type                                    html  
    unbind                                  html  
    unshare                                 html  
    urls                                    html  
    user-email                              html  
    users                                   html  
    validateNamesInDims                     html  
    var-categories                          html  
    variable-as-methods                     html  
    variableMetadata                        html  
    variables                               html  
    versions                                html  
    webApp                                  html  
    weight                                  html  
    weightVariables                         html  
    which                                   html  
    with-context-manager                    html  
    write.csv.gz                            html  
    writePreparedData                       html  
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (crunch)