* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘brms’ ...
** package ‘brms’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘brms’
    finding HTML links ... done
    AsymLaplace                             html  
    BetaBinomial                            html  
    Dirichlet                               html  
    ExGaussian                              html  
    Frechet                                 html  
    GenExtremeValue                         html  
    Hurdle                                  html  
    InvGaussian                             html  
    LogisticNormal                          html  
    MultiNormal                             html  
    MultiStudentT                           html  
    R2D2                                    html  
    Shifted_Lognormal                       html  
    SkewNormal                              html  
    StudentT                                html  
    VarCorr.brmsfit                         html  
    VonMises                                html  
    Wiener                                  html  
    ZeroInflated                            html  
    add_criterion                           html  
    add_ic                                  html  
    add_rstan_model                         html  
    addition-terms                          html  
    ar                                      html  
    arma                                    html  
    as.brmsprior                            html  
    as.data.frame.brmsfit                   html  
    as.mcmc.brmsfit                         html  
    autocor-terms                           html  
    autocor.brmsfit                         html  
    bayes_R2.brmsfit                        html  
    bayes_factor.brmsfit                    html  
    bridge_sampler.brmsfit                  html  
    brm                                     html  
    brm_multiple                            html  
    brms-package                            html  
    brmsfamily                              html  
    brmsfit-class                           html  
    brmsfit_needs_refit                     html  
    brmsformula-helpers                     html  
    brmsformula                             html  
    brmshypothesis                          html  
    brmsterms                               html  
    car                                     html  
    coef.brmsfit                            html  
    combine_models                          html  
    compare_ic                              html  
    conditional_effects.brmsfit             html  
    finding level-2 HTML links ... done

    conditional_smooths.brmsfit             html  
    control_params                          html  
    cor_ar                                  html  
    cor_arma                                html  
    cor_arr                                 html  
    cor_brms                                html  
    cor_bsts                                html  
    cor_car                                 html  
    cor_cosy                                html  
    cor_fixed                               html  
    cor_ma                                  html  
    cor_sar                                 html  
    cosy                                    html  
    cs                                      html  
    custom_family                           html  
    data_predictor                          html  
    data_response                           html  
    density_ratio                           html  
    diagnostic-quantities                   html  
    do_call                                 html  
    draws-brms                              html  
    draws-index-brms                        html  
    emmeans-brms-helpers                    html  
    epilepsy                                html  
    expose_functions.brmsfit                html  
    expp1                                   html  
    family.brmsfit                          html  
    fcor                                    html  
    fitted.brmsfit                          html  
    fixef.brmsfit                           html  
    get_dpar                                html  
    get_prior                               html  
    get_refmodel.brmsfit                    html  
    get_y                                   html  
    gp                                      html  
    gr                                      html  
    horseshoe                               html  
    hypothesis.brmsfit                      html  
    inhaler                                 html  
    inv_logit_scaled                        html  
    is.brmsfit                              html  
    is.brmsfit_multiple                     html  
    is.brmsformula                          html  
    is.brmsprior                            html  
    is.brmsterms                            html  
    is.cor_brms                             html  
    is.mvbrmsformula                        html  
    is.mvbrmsterms                          html  
    kfold.brmsfit                           html  
    kfold_predict                           html  
    kidney                                  html  
    lasso                                   html  
    launch_shinystan.brmsfit                html  
    log_lik.brmsfit                         html  
    logit_scaled                            html  
    logm1                                   html  
    loo.brmsfit                             html  
    loo_R2.brmsfit                          html  
    loo_compare.brmsfit                     html  
    loo_model_weights.brmsfit               html  
    loo_moment_match.brmsfit                html  
    loo_predict.brmsfit                     html  
    loo_subsample.brmsfit                   html  
    loss                                    html  
    ma                                      html  
    make_conditions                         html  
    make_stancode                           html  
    make_standata                           html  
    mcmc_plot.brmsfit                       html  
    me                                      html  
    mi                                      html  
    mixture                                 html  
    mm                                      html  
    mmc                                     html  
    mo                                      html  
    model_weights.brmsfit                   html  
    mvbind                                  html  
    mvbrmsformula                           html  
    ngrps.brmsfit                           html  
    nsamples.brmsfit                        html  
    opencl                                  html  
    pairs.brmsfit                           html  
    parnames                                html  
    plot.brmsfit                            html  
    post_prob.brmsfit                       html  
    posterior_average.brmsfit               html  
    posterior_epred.brmsfit                 html  
    posterior_interval.brmsfit              html  
    posterior_linpred.brmsfit               html  
    posterior_predict.brmsfit               html  
    posterior_samples.brmsfit               html  
    posterior_smooths.brmsfit               html  
    posterior_summary                       html  
    posterior_table                         html  
    pp_average.brmsfit                      html  
    pp_check.brmsfit                        html  
    pp_mixture.brmsfit                      html  
    predict.brmsfit                         html  
    predictive_error.brmsfit                html  
    predictive_interval.brmsfit             html  
    prepare_predictions                     html  
    print.brmsfit                           html  
    print.brmsprior                         html  
    prior_draws.brmsfit                     html  
    prior_summary.brmsfit                   html  
    ranef.brmsfit                           html  
    recompile_model                         html  
    reloo.brmsfit                           html  
    rename_pars                             html  
    residuals.brmsfit                       html  
    restructure                             html  
    rows2labels                             html  
    s                                       html  
    sar                                     html  
    save_pars                               html  
    set_prior                               html  
    stancode.brmsfit                        html  
    standata.brmsfit                        html  
    stanvar                                 html  
    summary.brmsfit                         html  
    theme_black                             html  
    theme_default                           html  
    threading                               html  
    unstr                                   html  
    update.brmsfit                          html  
    update.brmsfit_multiple                 html  
    update_adterms                          html  
    validate_newdata                        html  
    validate_prior                          html  
    vcov.brmsfit                            html  
    waic.brmsfit                            html  
*** copying figures
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (brms)