* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘blapsr’ ...
** package ‘blapsr’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘blapsr’
    finding HTML links ... done
    adjustPD                                html  
    amlps                                   html  
    amlps.object                            html  
    coxlps                                  html  
    coxlps.baseline                         html  
    coxlps.object                           html  
    cubicbs                                 html  
    curelps                                 html  
    curelps.extract                         html  
    curelps.object                          html  
    ecog1684                                html  
    gamlps                                  html  
    gamlps.object                           html  
    kidneytran                              html  
    laryngeal                               html  
    lt                                      html  
    medicaid                                html  
    melanoma                                html  
    penaltyplot                             html  
    plot.amlps                              html  
    plot.coxlps                             html  
    plot.curelps                            html  
    plot.gamlps                             html  
    print.amlps                             html  
    print.coxlps                            html  
    print.curelps                           html  
    print.gamlps                            html  
    simcuredata                             html  
    simgamdata                              html  
    simsurvdata                             html  
    sm                                      html  
    snmatch                                 html  
    st                                      html  
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (blapsr)