* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘aqp’ ...
** package ‘aqp’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
** demo
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
in method for ‘coerce’ with signature ‘"SoilProfileCollection","tbl_df"’: no definition for class “tbl_df”
in method for ‘coerce’ with signature ‘"SoilProfileCollection","sf"’: no definition for class “sf”
Creating a generic function for ‘nrow’ from package ‘base’ in package ‘aqp’
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘aqp’
    finding HTML links ... done
    GHL                                     html  
    HzDepthLogicSubset                      html  
    L1_profiles                             html  
    NCSP                                    html  
    ROSETTA.centroids                       html  
    SANN_1D                                 html  
    SPC.with.overlap                        html  
    SoilProfileCollection-class             html  
    SoilProfileCollection-crs               html  
    SoilTextureLevels                       html  
    accumulateDepths                        html  
    addBracket                              html  
    addDiagnosticBracket                    html  
    addVolumeFraction                       html  
    aggregateColor                          html  
    aggregateSoilDepth                      html  
    alignTransect                           html  
    allocate                                html  
    aqp-package                             html  
    aqp_df_class                            html  
    argillic.clay.increase.depth            html  
    barron.torrent.redness.LAB              html  
    bootstrapSoilTexture                    html  
    brierScore                              html  
    buntley.westin.index                    html  
    ca630                                   html  
    checkHzDepthLogic                       html  
    checkSPC                                html  
    coercion-methods                        html  
    col2Munsell                             html  
    colorChart                              html  
    colorContrast                           html  
    colorContrastPlot                       html  
    colorQuantiles                          html  
    combine-SoilProfileCollection-method    html  
    compareSites                            html  
    compositeSPC                            html  
    confusionIndex                          html  
    contrastChart                           html  
    contrastClass                           html  
    correctAWC                              html  
    crit.clay.argillic                      html  
    denormalize                             html  
    depthOf                                 html  
    depthWeights                            html  
    depth_units                             html  
    depths                                  html  
    diagnostic_hz-set                       html  
    diagnostic_hz                           html  
    dice-SoilProfileCollection-method       html  
    dissolve_hz                             html  
    dollarsign-set                          html  
    dollarsign                              html  
    doublebracket-set                       html  
    doublebracket                           html  
    duplicate                               html  
    electroStatics_1D                       html  
    equivalentMunsellChips                  html  
    equivalent_munsell                      html  
    estimateAWC                             html  
    estimatePSCS                            html  
    estimateSoilColor                       html  
    estimateSoilDepth                       html  
    evalGenHZ                               html  
    evalMissingData                         html  
    explainPlotSPC                          html  
    fillHzGaps                              html  
    fixOverlap                              html  
    flagOverlappingHz                       html  
    fragmentClasses                         html  
    fragmentSieve                           html  
    genSlabLabels                           html  
    generalize.hz                           html  
    genhzTableToAdjMat                      html  
    get.increase.matrix                     html  
    get.ml.hz                               html  
    getArgillicBounds                       html  
    getCambicBounds                         html  
    getClosestMunsellChip                   html  
    getLastHorizonID                        html  
    getSoilDepthClass                       html  
    getSurfaceHorizonDepth                  html  
    glom                                    html  
    glomApply                               html  
    grepSPC                                 html  
    groupSPC                                html  
    groupedProfilePlot                      html  
    guessGenHzLevels                        html  
    guessHzAttrName                         html  
    harden.melanization                     html  
    harden.rubification                     html  
    hasDarkColors                           html  
    horizonColorIndices                     html  
    horizonDepths                           html  
    horizonNames                            html  
    horizons                                html  
    huePosition                             html  
    huePositionCircle                       html  
    hurst.redness                           html  
    hzDepthTests                            html  
    hzDesgn                                 html  
    hzDistinctnessCodeToOffset              html  
    hzID                                    html  
    hzMetadata                              html  
    hzOffset                                html  
    hzTopographyCodeToLineType              html  
    hzTopographyCodeToOffset                html  
    hzTransitionProbabilities               html  
    hzdesgnname                             html  
    hzidname                                html  
    hztexclname                             html  
    idname                                  html  
    initSpatial                             html  
    invertLabelColor                        html  
    isEmpty                                 html  
    jacobs2000                              html  
    length                                  html  
    lunique                                 html  
    max                                     html  
    metadata                                html  
    min                                     html  
    missingDataGrid                         html  
    mixMunsell                              html  
    mollic.thickness.requirement            html  
    munsell                                 html  
    munsell.spectra                         html  
    munsell2rgb                             html  
    munsellHuePosition                      html  
    mutate_profile                          html  
    names                                   html  
    nrow                                    html  
    osd                                     html  
    overlapMetrics                          html  
    panel.depth_function                    html  
    parseMunsell                            html  
    pbindlist                               html  
    perturb                                 html  
    plotColorMixture                        html  
    plotColorQuantiles                      html  
    plotMultipleSPC                         html  
    plot_distance_graph                     html  
    previewColors                           html  
    profileApply                            html  
    profileGroupLabels                      html  
    profileInformationIndex                 html  
    profile_compare                         html  
    profile_id                              html  
    quickSPC                                html  
    random_profile                          html  
    reaction                                html  
    reactionclass                           html  
    rebuildSPC                              html  
    reduceSPC                               html  
    reorderHorizons                         html  
    repairMissingHzDepths                   html  
    replaceHorizons                         html  
    restrictions-set                        html  
    restrictions                            html  
    rgb2munsell                             html  
    rowley2019                              html  
    segment                                 html  
    shannonEntropy                          html  
    show                                    html  
    sierraTransect                          html  
    sim                                     html  
    simulateColor                           html  
    singlebracket                           html  
    site                                    html  
    siteNames                               html  
    slab                                    html  
    slice                                   html  
    slicedHSD                               html  
    soilColorSignature                      html  
    soilPalette                             html  
    soil_minerals                           html  
    soiltexture                             html  
    sp1                                     html  
    sp2                                     html  
    sp3                                     html  
    sp4                                     html  
    sp5                                     html  
    sp6                                     html  
    spc_in_sync                             html  
    spec2Munsell                            html  
    spectral.reference                      html  
    split-SoilProfileCollection-method      html  
    splitLogicErrors                        html  
    subApply                                html  
    subset-SoilProfileCollection-method     html  
    subsetHz-SoilProfileCollection-method   html  
    subsetProfiles                          html  
    summarizeSPC                            html  
    tauW                                    html  
    texture                                 html  
    textureTriangleSummary                  html  
    thompson.bell.darkness                  html  
    traditionalColorNames                   html  
    transform                               html  
    unique                                  html  
    unroll                                  html  
    us.state.soils                          html  
    validSpatialData                        html  
    warpHorizons                            html  
    wilson2022                              html  
    xtableTauW                              html  
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (aqp)