* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘animint2’ ...
** package ‘animint2’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘animint2’
    finding HTML links ... done
    FluView                                 html  
    UStornadoes                             html  
    WorldBank                               html  
    absoluteGrob                            html  
    addSSandCSasAesthetics                  html  
    addShowSelectedForLegend                html  
    add_theme                               html  
    aes                                     html  
    aes_                                    html  
    aes_all                                 html  
    aes_auto                                html  
    aes_colour_fill_alpha                   html  
    aes_linetype_size_shape                 html  
    aes_position                            html  
    animint                                 html  
    animint2-gganimintproto                 html  
    animint2dir                             html  
    animint2pages                           html  
    animintOutput                           html  
    annotate                                html  
    annotation_custom                       html  
    annotation_logticks                     html  
    annotation_map                          html  
    annotation_raster                       html  
    as.list.gganimintproto                  html  
    as_labeller                             html  
    autoplot                                html  
    benchplot                               html  
    borders                                 html  
    breakpoints                             html  
    calc_element                            html  
    checkAnimationTimeVar                   html  
    checkExtraParams                        html  
    checkForSSandCSasAesthetics             html  
    checkPlotForAnimintExtensions           html  
    checkPlotList                           html  
    checkSingleShowSelectedValue            html  
    colsNotToCopy                           html  
    continuous_scale                        html  
    coord_cartesian                         html  
    coord_fixed                             html  
    coord_flip                              html  
    coord_map                               html  
    coord_munch                             html  
    coord_polar                             html  
    coord_trans                             html  
    cut_interval                            html  
    diamonds                                html  
    discrete_scale                          html  
    draw_key                                html  
    economics                               html  
    element_blank                           html  
    element_grob                            html  
    element_line                            html  
    element_rect                            html  
    element_text                            html  
    expand_limits                           html  
    facet                                   html  
    facet_grid                              html  
    facet_null                              html  
    facet_wrap                              html  
    faithfuld                               html  
    format.gganimintproto                   html  
    fortify                                 html  
    fortify.lm                              html  
    fortify.map                             html  
    fortify.sp                              html  
    g_train_layout                          html  
    generation.loci                         html  
    geom_abline                             html  
    geom_bar                                html  
    geom_bin2d                              html  
    geom_blank                              html  
    geom_contour                            html  
    geom_count                              html  
    geom_density                            html  
    geom_density_2d                         html  
    geom_dotplot                            html  
    geom_errorbarh                          html  
    geom_hex                                html  
    geom_histogram                          html  
    geom_jitter                             html  
    geom_linerange                          html  
    geom_map                                html  
    geom_path                               html  
    geom_point                              html  
    geom_polygon                            html  
    geom_ribbon                             html  
    geom_rug                                html  
    geom_segment                            html  
    geom_smooth                             html  
    geom_spoke                              html  
    geom_tallrect                           html  
    geom_text                               html  
    geom_tile                               html  
    geom_violin                             html  
    geom_widerect                           html  
    getCommonChunk                          html  
    getLayerName                            html  
    getLayerParams                          html  
    getLegend                               html  
    getLegendList                           html  
    getTextSize                             html  
    getUniqueAxisLabels                     html  
    gg-add                                  html  
    gg_dep                                  html  
    gganimintproto                          html  
    ggplot                                  html  
    ggplotGrob                              html  
    ggplot_build                            html  
    ggplot_gtable                           html  
    finding level-2 HTML links ... done

    ggsave                                  html  
    ggtheme                                 html  
    graphical-units                         html  
    guide_colourbar                         html  
    guide_legend                            html  
    guides                                  html  
    hmisc                                   html  
    intreg                                  html  
    is.Coord                                html  
    is.facet                                html  
    is.gganimintproto                       html  
    is.ggplot                               html  
    is.rel                                  html  
    is.rgb                                  html  
    is.theme                                html  
    issueSelectorWarnings                   html  
    knit_print.animint                      html  
    label_bquote                            html  
    labeller                                html  
    labellers                               html  
    labs                                    html  
    last_plot                               html  
    layer                                   html  
    limits                                  html  
    lims                                    html  
    luv_colours                             html  
    make_bar                                html  
    make_tallrect                           html  
    make_tallrect_or_widerect               html  
    make_text                               html  
    make_widerect                           html  
    map_data                                html  
    margin                                  html  
    mean_se                                 html  
    merge_recurse                           html  
    midwest                                 html  
    mpg                                     html  
    msleep                                  html  
    newEnvironment                          html  
    parsePlot                               html  
    position_dodge                          html  
    position_identity                       html  
    position_jitter                         html  
    position_jitterdodge                    html  
    position_nudge                          html  
    position_stack                          html  
    presidential                            html  
    print.animint                           html  
    print.gganimintplot                     html  
    print.gganimintproto                    html  
    pt.to.lines                             html  
    qplot                                   html  
    reexports                               html  
    rel                                     html  
    remove_missing                          html  
    renderAnimint                           html  
    resolution                              html  
    saveChunks                              html  
    scale_alpha                             html  
    scale_brewer                            html  
    scale_continuous                        html  
    scale_date                              html  
    scale_discrete                          html  
    scale_gradient                          html  
    scale_grey                              html  
    scale_hue                               html  
    scale_identity                          html  
    scale_linetype                          html  
    scale_manual                            html  
    scale_shape                             html  
    scale_size                              html  
    scale_size_animint                      html  
    seals                                   html  
    selectSSandCS                           html  
    setPlotSizes                            html  
    should_stop                             html  
    split_recursive                         html  
    stat_ecdf                               html  
    stat_ellipse                            html  
    stat_function                           html  
    stat_identity                           html  
    stat_qq                                 html  
    stat_summary                            html  
    stat_summary_2d                         html  
    stat_unique                             html  
    summary.gganimintplot                   html  
    switch_axes                             html  
    theme                                   html  
    theme_animint                           html  
    theme_update                            html  
    toRGB                                   html  
    train_position                          html  
    transform_position                      html  
    transform_shape                         html  
    translate_qplot_ggplot                  html  
    translate_qplot_lattice                 html  
    txhousing                               html  
    update_defaults                         html  
    update_gallery                          html  
    update_labels                           html  
    varied.chunk                            html  
    waiver                                  html  
    worldPop                                html  
    zeroGrob                                html  
*** copying figures
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* creating tarball
packaged installation of ‘animint2’ as ‘animint2_2024.1.24_R_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz’
* DONE (animint2)