* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘admiral’ ...
** package ‘admiral’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘admiral’
    finding HTML links ... done
    admiral-package                         html  
    admiral_adlb                            html  
    admiral_adsl                            html  
    assert_db_requirements                  html  
    assert_parameters_argument              html  
    assert_terms                            html  
    assert_valid_queries                    html  
    atoxgr_criteria_ctcv4                   html  
    atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5                   html  
    atoxgr_criteria_daids                   html  
    basket_select                           html  
    call_derivation                         html  
    call_user_fun                           html  
    censor_source                           html  
    chr2vars                                html  
    compute_age_years                       html  
    compute_bmi                             html  
    compute_bsa                             html  
    compute_dtf                             html  
    compute_duration                        html  
    compute_egfr                            html  
    compute_framingham                      html  
    compute_map                             html  
    compute_qtc                             html  
    compute_qual_imputation                 html  
    compute_qual_imputation_dec             html  
    compute_rr                              html  
    compute_scale                           html  
    compute_tmf                             html  
    consolidate_metadata                    html  
    convert_blanks_to_na                    html  
    convert_date_to_dtm                     html  
    convert_dtc_to_dt                       html  
    convert_dtc_to_dtm                      html  
    convert_na_to_blanks                    html  
    count_vals                              html  
    create_period_dataset                   html  
    create_query_data                       html  
    create_single_dose_dataset              html  
    date_source                             html  
    default_qtc_paramcd                     html  
    derivation_slice                        html  
    derive_basetype_records                 html  
    derive_expected_records                 html  
    derive_extreme_event                    html  
    derive_extreme_records                  html  
    derive_locf_records                     html  
    derive_param_bmi                        html  
    derive_param_bsa                        html  
    derive_param_computed                   html  
    derive_param_doseint                    html  
    derive_param_exist_flag                 html  
    derive_param_exposure                   html  
    derive_param_extreme_event              html  
    derive_param_extreme_record             html  
    derive_param_framingham                 html  
    derive_param_map                        html  
    derive_param_qtc                        html  
    derive_param_rr                         html  
    derive_param_tte                        html  
    derive_param_wbc_abs                    html  
    derive_summary_records                  html  
    derive_var_age_years                    html  
    derive_var_analysis_ratio               html  
    derive_var_anrind                       html  
    derive_var_atoxgr                       html  
    derive_var_atoxgr_dir                   html  
    derive_var_base                         html  
    derive_var_basetype                     html  
    derive_var_chg                          html  
    derive_var_confirmation_flag            html  
    derive_var_dthcaus                      html  
    derive_var_extreme_dt                   html  
    derive_var_extreme_dtm                  html  
    derive_var_extreme_flag                 html  
    derive_var_joined_exist_flag            html  
    derive_var_last_dose_amt                html  
    derive_var_last_dose_date               html  
    derive_var_last_dose_grp                html  
    derive_var_merged_cat                   html  
    derive_var_merged_character             html  
    derive_var_merged_exist_flag            html  
    derive_var_merged_summary               html  
    derive_var_obs_number                   html  
    derive_var_ontrtfl                      html  
    derive_var_pchg                         html  
    derive_var_relative_flag                html  
    derive_var_shift                        html  
    derive_var_trtdurd                      html  
    derive_var_trtemfl                      html  
    derive_vars_aage                        html  
    derive_vars_atc                         html  
    derive_vars_dt                          html  
    derive_vars_dtm                         html  
    derive_vars_dtm_to_dt                   html  
    derive_vars_dtm_to_tm                   html  
    derive_vars_duration                    html  
    derive_vars_dy                          html  
    derive_vars_joined                      html  
    derive_vars_last_dose                   html  
    derive_vars_merged                      html  
    derive_vars_merged_lookup               html  
    derive_vars_period                      html  
    derive_vars_query                       html  
    derive_vars_transposed                  html  
    dose_freq_lookup                        html  
    dt_level                                html  
    dthcaus_source                          html  
    dtm_level                               html  
    event                                   html  
    event_joined                            html  
    event_source                            html  
    ex_single                               html  
    example_qs                              html  
    extend_source_datasets                  html  
    extract_duplicate_records               html  
    extract_unit                            html  
    filter_date_sources                     html  
    filter_exist                            html  
    filter_extreme                          html  
    filter_joined                           html  
    filter_not_exist                        html  
    filter_relative                         html  
    format.basket_select                    html  
    get_admiral_option                      html  
    get_duplicates_dataset                  html  
    get_hori_data                           html  
    get_imputation_target_date              html  
    get_imputation_target_time              html  
    get_many_to_one_dataset                 html  
    get_not_mapped                          html  
    get_one_to_many_dataset                 html  
    get_partialdatetime                     html  
    get_summary_records                     html  
    get_terms_from_db                       html  
    impute_dtc_dt                           html  
    impute_dtc_dtm                          html  
    list_all_templates                      html  
    list_tte_source_objects                 html  
    max_cond                                html  
    min_cond                                html  
    negate_vars                             html  
    params                                  html  
    pipe                                    html  
    print.adam_templates                    html  
    print.duplicates                        html  
    print.source                            html  
    print_named_list                        html  
    queries                                 html  
    queries_mh                              html  
    query                                   html  
    records_source                          html  
    reexport-desc                           html  
    reexport-exprs                          html  
    restrict_derivation                     html  
    restrict_imputed_dtc_dt                 html  
    restrict_imputed_dtc_dtm                html  
    set_admiral_options                     html  
    signal_duplicate_records                html  
    slice_derivation                        html  
    tte_source                              html  
    tte_source_objects                      html  
    use_ad_template                         html  
    validate_basket_select                  html  
    validate_query                          html  
    yn_to_numeric                           html  
*** copying figures
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (admiral)