* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘abd’ ...
** package ‘abd’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** demo
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘abd’
    finding HTML links ... done
    AlgaeCO2                                html  
    Antilles                                html  
    Aspirin                                 html  
    BeeGenes                                html  
    BeeLifespans                            html  
    Beetles                                 html  
    BirdSexRatio                            html  
    Blackbirds                              html  
    BodyFatHeatLoss                         html  
    BrainExpression                         html  
    BrookTrout                              html  
    Cavalry                                 html  
    Chickadees                              html  
    ChimpBrains                             html  
    Cichlids                                html  
    CichlidsGnRH                            html  
    Clearcuts                               html  
    CocaineDopamine                         html  
    Convictions                             html  
    ConvictionsAndIncome                    html  
    Crickets                                html  
    DEET                                    html  
    DaphniaLongevity                        html  
    DaphniaResistance                       html  
    DayOfBirth                              html  
    DesertBirds                             html  
    Dioecy                                  html  
    Dolphins                                html  
    DungBeetles                             html  
    Earthworms                              html  
    Earwigs                                 html  
    Eelgrass                                html  
    ElVerde                                 html  
    ElectricFish                            html  
    EndangeredSpecies                       html  
    FingerRatio                             html  
    Fireflies                               html  
    FireflyFlash                            html  
    FlyTestes                               html  
    FlycatcherPatch                         html  
    GeneRegulation                          html  
    GlidingSnakes                           html  
    GodwitArrival                           html  
    Grassland                               html  
    GreatTitMalaria                         html  
    Greenspace                              html  
    Guppies                                 html  
    Hemoglobin                              html  
    HippocampusLesions                      html  
    HornedLizards                           html  
    HumanBodyTemp                           html  
    HumanGeneLengths                        html  
    Hurricanes                              html  
    Iguanas                                 html  
    IntertidalAlgae                         html  
    JetLagKnees                             html  
    KenyaFinches                            html  
    LanguageBrains                          html  
    LarvalFish                              html  
    Lefthanded                              html  
    LionCubs                                html  
    LionNoses                               html  
    LiverPreparation                        html  
    LizardBite                              html  
    LizardSprint                            html  
    Lobsters                                html  
    LodgepolePines                          html  
    LupusMice                               html  
    Lynx                                    html  
    MarineReserve                           html  
    MassExtinctions                         html  
    MoleRats                                html  
    Mosquitoes                              html  
    MouseEmpathy                            html  
    NeanderthalBrains                       html  
    NematodeLifespan                        html  
    NeotropicalTrees                        html  
    Newts                                   html  
    NoSmokingDay                            html  
    NorthSeaCod                             html  
    OstrichTemp                             html  
    Penguins                                html  
    PlantPersistence                        html  
    Pollen                                  html  
    Powerball                               html  
    PrimateMetabolism                       html  
    PrimateWBC                              html  
    ProgesteroneExercise                    html  
    Pseudoscorpions                         html  
    Pufferfish                              html  
    Rattlesnakes                            html  
    Rigormortis                             html  
    RopeTrick                               html  
    SagebrushCrickets                       html  
    SalmonColor                             html  
    Seedlings                               html  
    Selection                               html  
    SexualSelection                         html  
    ShadParasites                           html  
    ShrinkingSeals                          html  
    ShuttleDisaster                         html  
    Silversword                             html  
    SleepAndPerformance                     html  
    SockeyeFemales                          html  
    Sparrows                                html  
    SpiderColonies                          html  
    SpiderSpeed                             html  
    Stalkies1                               html  
    Stalkies2                               html  
    SticklebackPlates                       html  
    SticklebackPreference                   html  
    Sumo                                    html  
    SyrupSwimming                           html  
    TeenDeaths                              html  
    Telomeres                               html  
    TimeOfDeath                             html  
    Toads                                   html  
    Tobacco                                 html  
    Tobacco2                                html  
    ToothAge                                html  
    TreeSeedlings                           html  
    Trematodes                              html  
    Trillium                                html  
    Truffles                                html  
    TsetseLearning                          html  
    TwoKids                                 html  
    VampireBites                            html  
    VasopressinVoles                        html  
    Vines                                   html  
    VoleDispersal                           html  
    WalkingStickFemurs                      html  
    WalkingStickHeads                       html  
    WeddellSeals                            html  
    WillsDebates                            html  
    WillsPresidents                         html  
    WolfTeeth                               html  
    Wolves                                  html  
    WorldCup                                html  
    WrasseSexes                             html  
    YeastGenes                              html  
    ZebraFinchBeaks                         html  
    ZebraFinches                            html  
    ZooMortality                            html  
    Zooplankton                             html  
    abd-package                             html  
    abdData                                 html  
    dataInfo                                html  
    histochart                              html  
    themes                                  html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (abd)