* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘Surrogate’ ...
** package ‘Surrogate’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘Surrogate’
    finding HTML links ... done
    AA.MultS                                html  
    ARMD.MultS                              html  
    ARMD                                    html  
    BifixedContCont                         html  
    BimixedCbCContCont                      html  
    BimixedContCont                         html  
    Bootstrap.MEP.BinBin                    html  
    CausalDiagramBinBin                     html  
    CausalDiagramContCont                   html  
    Dvine_ICA_confint                       html  
    ECT                                     html  
    Fano.BinBin                             html  
    FixedBinBinIT                           html  
    FixedBinContIT                          html  
    FixedContBinIT                          html  
    FixedContContIT                         html  
    FixedDiscrDiscrIT                       html  
    finding level-2 HTML links ... done

    ICA.BinBin.Grid.Full                    html  
    ICA.BinBin.Grid.Sample                  html  
    ICA.BinBin.Grid.Sample.Uncert           html  
    ICA.BinCont.BS                          html  
    ICA.ContCont.MultS.MPC                  html  
    ICA.ContCont.MultS.PC                   html  
    ICA.ContCont.MultS                      html  
    ICA.ContCont.Mult_alt                   html  
    ICA.Sample.ContCont                     html  
    ICABinBin                               html  
    ICABinBinCounterAssum                   html  
    ICABinCont                              html  
    ICAContCont                             html  
    ICA_given_model_constructor             html  
    ISTE.ContCont                           html  
    LongToWide                              html  
    MICA.Sample.ContCont                    html  
    MICAContCont                            html  
    MarginalProbs                           html  
    MaxEntICABinBin                         html  
    MaxEntICAContCont                       html  
    MaxEntSPFBinBin                         html  
    MinSurrContCont                         html  
    MixedContContIT                         html  
    MufixedContCont.MultS                   html  
    MumixedContCont.MultS                   html  
    Ovarian                                 html  
    PANSS                                   html  
    PPE.BinBin                              html  
    PROC.BinBin                             html  
    Plot.FixedDiscrDiscrIT                  html  
    Plot.PredTrialTContCont                 html  
    Pos.Def.Matrices                        html  
    Pred.TrialT.ContCont                    html  
    Prentice                                html  
    RandVec                                 html  
    Restrictions.BinBin                     html  
    SPP.BinBin                              html  
    SPP.BinCont                             html  
    Schizo                                  html  
    Schizo_Bin                              html  
    Schizo_BinCont                          html  
    Schizo_PANSS                            html  
    Sim.Data.Counterfactuals                html  
    Sim.Data.CounterfactualsBinBin          html  
    Sim.Data.MTS                            html  
    Sim.Data.STS                            html  
    Sim.Data.STSBinBin                      html  
    Single.Trial.RE.AA                      html  
    SurvSurv                                html  
    Test.Mono                               html  
    TrialLevelIT                            html  
    TrialLevelMA                            html  
    TwoStageSurvSurv                        html  
    UnifixedContCont                        html  
    UnimixedContCont                        html  
    binary_continuous_loglik                html  
    cdf_fun                                 html  
    clayton_loglik_copula_scale             html  
    comb27.BinBin                           html  
    compute_ICA_BinCont                     html  
    compute_ICA_SurvSurv                    html  
    delta_method_log_mutinfo                html  
    estimate_ICA_BinCont                    html  
    estimate_mutual_information_SurvSurv    html  
    fit_copula_model_BinCont                html  
    fit_copula_submodel_BinCont             html  
    fit_model_SurvSurv                      html  
    frank_loglik_copula_scale               html  
    gaussian_loglik_copula_scale            html  
    gumbel_loglik_copula_scale              html  
    log_likelihood_copula_model             html  
    loglik_copula_scale                     html  
    marginal_distribution                   html  
    marginal_gof_plots_scr                  html  
    marginal_gof_scr_S_plot                 html  
    mean_S_before_T_plot_scr                html  
    model_fit_measures                      html  
    new_vine_copula_ss_fit                  html  
    pdf_fun                                 html  
    plot.CausalInference                    html  
    plot.Fano.BinBin                        html  
    plot.ICA.ContCont.Mult                  html  
    plot.ICABinBin                          html  
    plot.ICABinCont                         html  
    plot.ISTE.ContCont                      html  
    plot.InformationTheoretic               html  
    plot.InformationTheoreticBinCombn       html  
    plot.InformationTheoreticSurvSurv       html  
    plot.MaxEntContCont                     html  
    plot.MaxEntICABinBin                    html  
    plot.MaxEntSPFBinBin                    html  
    plot.MetaAnalytic                       html  
    plot.MinSurrContCont                    html  
    plot.PPE.BinBin                         html  
    plot.SPPBinBin                          html  
    plot.SPPBinCont                         html  
    plot.TrialLevelIT                       html  
    plot.TrialLevelMA                       html  
    plot.TwoStageSurvSurv                   html  
    plot.comb27.BinBin                      html  
    sample_copula_parameters                html  
    sample_deltas_BinCont                   html  
    sample_dvine                            html  
    sensitivity_analysis_BinCont_copula     html  
    sensitivity_analysis_SurvSurv_copula    html  
    sensitivity_intervals_Dvine             html  
    summary.gen                             html  
    summary_level_bootstrap_ICA             html  
    twostep_BinCont                         html  
    twostep_SurvSurv                        html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (Surrogate)