* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘R.oo’ ...
** package ‘R.oo’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
Warning in setGenericS3.default(name, export = exportGeneric, envir = envir,  :
  Renamed the preexisting function getMethods to getMethods.default, which was defined in environment R.oo.
Warning in setGenericS3.default(name, export = exportGeneric, envir = envir,  :
  Renamed the preexisting function getClasses to getClasses.default, which was defined in environment R.oo.
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘R.oo’
    finding HTML links ... done
    000.makeObjectFinalizer                 html  
    ASCII                                   html  
    BasicObject                             html  
    Class                                   html  
    DOLLAR.BasicObject                      html  
    DOLLAR.Class                            html  
    DOLLAR.Object                           html  
    DOLLARLT_-.BasicObject                  html  
    DOLLARLT_-.Class                        html  
    DOLLARLT_-.Object                       html  
    Exception                               html  
    Interface                               html  
    InternalErrorException                  html  
    Non-documented_objects                  html  
    Object                                  html  
    Package                                 html  
    R.oo-package                            html  
    RccViolationException                   html  
    Rdoc                                    html  
    RdocException                           html  
    abort                                   html  
    argsToString.Class                      html  
    argsToString.Rdoc                       html  
    as.character.BasicObject                html  
    as.character.Class                      html  
    as.character.Exception                  html  
    as.character.Interface                  html  
    as.character.Object                     html  
    as.character.Package                    html  
    as.character.RccViolationException      html  
    as.character.RdocException              html  
    attach.BasicObject                      html  
    attach.Object                           html  
    attachLocally.Object                    html  
    charToInt                               html  
    check.Rdoc                              html  
    clearCache.Object                       html  
    clearLookupCache.Object                 html  
    clone.Object                            html  
    compile.Rdoc                            html  
    compileRdoc                             html  
    createManPath.Rdoc                      html  
    createName.Rdoc                         html  
    declaration.Rdoc                        html  
    detach.BasicObject                      html  
    detach.Object                           html  
    dimension                               html  
    equals.BasicObject                      html  
    equals.Object                           html  
    equals                                  html  
    escapeRdFilename.Rdoc                   html  
    extend.BasicObject                      html  
    extend.Interface                        html  
    extend.Object                           html  
    extend                                  html  
    finalize.Object                         html  
    forName.Class                           html  
    getAuthor.Package                       html  
    getBundle.Package                       html  
    getBundlePackages.Package               html  
    getCalls.Exception                      html  
    getChangeLog.Package                    html  
    getClassS4Usage.Rdoc                    html  
    getClasses.Package                      html  
    getConstructorS3                        html  
    getContents.Package                     html  
    getContribUrl.Package                   html  
    getDataPath.Package                     html  
    getDate.Package                         html  
    getDescription.Package                  html  
    getDescriptionFile.Package              html  
    getDetails.Class                        html  
    getDevelUrl.Package                     html  
    getDocPath.Package                      html  
    getEnvironment.Object                   html  
    getEnvironment.Package                  html  
    getExamplePath.Package                  html  
    getFieldModifiers.Object                html  
    getFields.BasicObject                   html  
    getFields.Class                         html  
    getFields.Interface                     html  
    getFields.Object                        html  
    getHowToCite.Package                    html  
    getInstantiationTime.BasicObject        html  
    getInstantiationTime.Object             html  
    getInternalAddress.Object               html  
    getKeywords.Rdoc                        html  
    getKnownSubclasses.Class                html  
    getLastException.Exception              html  
    getLicense.Package                      html  
    getMaintainer.Package                   html  
    getManPath.Rdoc                         html  
    getMessage.Exception                    html  
    getMessage.InternalErrorException       html  
    getMethods.Class                        html  
    getName.Class                           html  
    getName.Package                         html  
    getName.environment                     html  
    getNameFormat.Rdoc                      html  
    getPackage.Class                        html  
    getPackage.InternalErrorException       html  
    getPackageNameOf.Rdoc                   html  
    getPath.Package                         html  
    getPosition.Package                     html  
    getRccUrl.RccViolationException         html  
    getRdDeclaration.Class                  html  
    getRdDeclaration.classRepresentation    html  
    getRdHierarchy.Class                    html  
    getRdHierarchy.classRepresentation      html  
    getRdMethods.Class                      html  
    getRdMethods.classRepresentation        html  
    getRdTitle.Rdoc                         html  
    getSource.RdocException                 html  
    getStackTrace.Exception                 html  
    getStackTraceString.Exception           html  
    getStaticInstance.Class                 html  
    getStaticInstance.Object                html  
    getSuperclasses.Class                   html  
    getSuperclasses.classRepresentation     html  
    getTitle.Package                        html  
    getUrl.Package                          html  
    getUsage.Rdoc                           html  
    getVersion.Package                      html  
    getWhen.Exception                       html  
    hasField.BasicObject                    html  
    hasField.Object                         html  
    hashCode.BasicObject                    html  
    hashCode.Object                         html  
    hashCode                                html  
    hierarchy.Rdoc                          html  
    intToChar                               html  
    isAbstract.Class                        html  
    isBeingCreated.Class                    html  
    isDeprecated.Class                      html  
    isKeyword.Rdoc                          html  
    isLoaded.Package                        html  
    isOlderThan.Package                     html  
    isPrivate.Class                         html  
    isProtected.Class                       html  
    isPublic.Class                          html  
    isReferable.BasicObject                 html  
    isReferable.Object                      html  
    isStatic.Class                          html  
    isVisible.Rdoc                          html  
    ll.Object                               html  
    ll.Package                              html  
    ll                                      html  
    load.Object                             html  
    load.Package                            html  
    methodsInheritedFrom.Rdoc               html  
    newInstance.BasicObject                 html  
    newInstance.Class                       html  
    newInstance.Object                      html  
    novirtual.Object                        html  
    objectSize.BasicObject                  html  
    objectSize.Object                       html  
    objectSize                              html  
    objectSize.environment                  html  
    print.BasicObject                       html  
    print.Class                             html  
    print.Exception                         html  
    print.Interface                         html  
    print.Object                            html  
    printStackTrace.Exception               html  
    save.Object                             html  
    setConstructorS3                        html  
    setManPath.Rdoc                         html  
    setNameFormat.Rdoc                      html  
    showChangeLog.Package                   html  
    showContents.Package                    html  
    showDescriptionFile.Package             html  
    showHowToCite.Package                   html  
    startupMessage.Package                  html  
    staticCode.Object                       html  
    throw.Exception                         html  
    throw                                   html  
    throw.error                             html  
    trim                                    html  
    typeOfClass                             html  
    unload.Package                          html  
    uses.Interface                          html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (R.oo)