* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘OpenML’ ...
** package ‘OpenML’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘OpenML’
    finding HTML links ... done
    OMLDataSet                              html  
    OMLDataSetDescription                   html  
    OMLIOData                               html  
    chunkOMLlist                            html  
    clearOMLCache                           html  
    configuration                           html  
    convertMlrLearnerToOMLFlow              html  
    convertMlrTaskToOMLDataSet              html  
    convertOMLDataSetToMlr                  html  
    convertOMLFlowToMlr                     html  
    convertOMLMlrRunToBMR                   html  
    convertOMLRunToBMR                      html  
    convertOMLTaskToMlr                     html  
    deleteOMLObject                         html  
    doAPICall                               html  
    downloadOMLObject                       html  
    extractOMLStudyIds                      html  
    getCachedOMLDataSetStatus               html  
    getOMLConfig                            html  
    getOMLDataSet                           html  
    getOMLDataSetQualities                  html  
    getOMLFlow                              html  
    getOMLRun                               html  
    getOMLRunParList                        html  
    getOMLSeedParList                       html  
    getOMLStudy                             html  
    getOMLTask                              html  
    listOMLDataSetQualities                 html  
    listOMLDataSets                         html  
    listOMLEstimationProcedures             html  
    listOMLEvaluationMeasures               html  
    listOMLFlows                            html  
    listOMLRunEvaluations                   html  
    listOMLRuns                             html  
    listOMLSetup                            html  
    listOMLStudies                          html  
    listOMLTaskTypes                        html  
    listOMLTasks                            html  
    loadOMLConfig                           html  
    makeOMLEstimationProcedure              html  
    makeOMLFlow                             html  
    makeOMLFlowParameter                    html  
    makeOMLRun                              html  
    makeOMLRunParList                       html  
    makeOMLRunParameter                     html  
    makeOMLSeedParList                      html  
    makeOMLStudy                            html  
    makeOMLTask                             html  
    populateOMLCache                        html  
    runTaskFlow                             html  
    runTaskMlr                              html  
    saveOMLConfig                           html  
    setOMLConfig                            html  
    tagging                                 html  
    uploadOMLDataSet                        html  
    uploadOMLFlow                           html  
    uploadOMLRun                            html  
    uploadOMLStudy                          html  
    uploadOMLTask                           html  
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (OpenML)