* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘MultiATSM’ ...
** package ‘MultiATSM’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘MultiATSM’
    finding HTML links ... done
    A0N_MLEdensity_WOE__jointQ_Bootstrap    html  
    A0N_MLEdensity_WOE__sepQ_Bootstrap      html  
    A0N__computeBnAn_jointQ                 html  
    A0N__computeBnAn_sepQ                   html  
    BR_jps_out                              html  
    BUnspannedAdapJoint                     html  
    BUnspannedAdapSep                       html  
    BUnspannedAdapSep_BS                    html  
    Bias_Correc_VAR                         html  
    Bootstrap                               html  
    BootstrapBoundsSet                      html  
    CholRestrictionsJLL                     html  
    Convert2JordanForm                      html  
    DataForEstimation                       html  
    DataSet_BS                              html  
    DatabasePrep                            html  
    EstimationSigma_GVARrest                html  
    EstimationSigma_Ye                      html  
    FEVDandGFEVDbs_jointQ                   html  
    FEVDandGFEVDbs_jointQ_Ortho             html  
    FEVDandGFEVDbs_sepQ                     html  
    FEVDgraphsJLLOrtho                      html  
    FEVDgraphsJoint                         html  
    FEVDgraphsSep                           html  
    FEVDjoint                               html  
    FEVDjointOrthogoJLL                     html  
    FEVDjointOrthogoJLL_BS                  html  
    FEVDjoint_BS                            html  
    FEVDsep                                 html  
    FEVDsep_BS                              html  
    FMN__Rotate                             html  
    FactorsGVAR                             html  
    FeedbackMatrixRestrictionsJLL           html  
    FitgraphsJoint                          html  
    FitgraphsSep                            html  
    FolderCreationBoot                      html  
    FolderCreationPoint                     html  
    ForecastYields                          html  
    ForecastYieldsJointQ                    html  
    ForecastYieldsSepQ                      html  
    Functionf                               html  
    Functionf_Boot                          html  
    GFEVDgraphsJLLOrtho                     html  
    GFEVDgraphsJoint                        html  
    GFEVDgraphsSep                          html  
    GFEVDjoint                              html  
    GFEVDjointOrthoJLL                      html  
    GFEVDjointOrthoJLL_BS                   html  
    GFEVDjoint_BS                           html  
    GFEVDsep                                html  
    GFEVDsep_BS                             html  
    GIRFSep                                 html  
    GIRFSep_BS                              html  
    GIRFgraphsJLLOrtho                      html  
    GIRFgraphsJoint                         html  
    GIRFgraphsSep                           html  
    GIRFjoint                               html  
    GIRFjointOrthoJLL                       html  
    GIRFjointOrthoJLL_BS                    html  
    GIRFjoint_BS                            html  
    GVAR                                    html  
    GVARFactors                             html  
    GaussianDensity                         html  
    GraphicalOutputs                        html  
    IDXZeroRestrictionsJLLVarCovOrtho       html  
    IRFandGIRFbs_jointQ                     html  
    IRFandGIRFbs_jointQ_Ortho               html  
    IRFandGIRFbs_sepQ                       html  
    IRFgraphsJLLOrtho                       html  
    IRFgraphsJoint                          html  
    IRFgraphsSep                            html  
    IRFjoint                                html  
    IRFjointOrthoJLL                        html  
    IRFjointOrthoJLL_BS                     html  
    IRFjoint_BS                             html  
    IRFsep                                  html  
    IRFsep_BS                               html  
    IdxAllSpanned                           html  
    IdxSpanned                              html  
    InputsForMLEdensity                     html  
    InputsForMLEdensity_BS                  html  
    InputsForOutputs                        html  
    JLL                                     html  
    K1XQStationary                          html  
    LabFac                                  html  
    LabelsSpanned                           html  
    LabelsStar                              html  
    ListModelInputs                         html  
    MLEdensity_jointQ                       html  
    MLEdensity_jointQ_sepSigma              html  
    MLEdensity_sepQ                         html  
    Maturities                              html  
    ModelPara                               html  
    MultiATSM                               html  
    NumOutputs                              html  
    NumOutputs_Bootstrap                    html  
    Optimization                            html  
    Optimization_Boot                       html  
    OutputConstructionJoint                 html  
    OutputConstructionJoint_BS              html  
    OutputConstructionSep                   html  
    OutputConstructionSep_BS                html  
    ParaLabels                              html  
    PdynamicsSet_BS                         html  
    RMSEjoint                               html  
    RMSEsep                                 html  
    Reg_K1Q                                 html  
    Reg__OLSconstrained                     html  
    RemoveNA                                html  
    RiskFactors                             html  
    RiskFactorsGraphs                       html  
    RiskFactorsPrep                         html  
    SpannedFactorsSepQ                      html  
    SpannedFactorsjointQ                    html  
    Spanned_Factors                         html  
    StarFactors                             html  
    TPDecompGraphJoint                      html  
    TPDecompGraphSep                        html  
    TermPremiaDecompJoint                   html  
    TermPremiaDecompSep                     html  
    TradeFlows                              html  
    Trade_Flows                             html  
    Transition_Matrix                       html  
    VAR                                     html  
    VarianceExplainedJoint                  html  
    VarianceExplainedSep                    html  
    Yields                                  html  
    YieldsFitAllJoint                       html  
    YieldsFitAllSep                         html  
    YieldsFitJoint                          html  
    YieldsFitsep                            html  
    aux2true                                html  
    bound2x                                 html  
    contain                                 html  
    df__dx                                  html  
    estVARbrw                               html  
    f_with_vectorized_parameters            html  
    genVARbrw                               html  
    getpara                                 html  
    getx                                    html  
    killa                                   html  
    llk_JLL_Sigma                           html  
    logdet                                  html  
    m_var                                   html  
    mult__inv                               html  
    mult__prod                              html  
    mult_inv_large                          html  
    mult_inv_small                          html  
    mult_logabsdet                          html  
    multiprod_2terms                        html  
    pca_weights_one_country                 html  
    pos2x                                   html  
    shrink_Phi                              html  
    sqrtm_robust                            html  
    true2aux                                html  
    update_para                             html  
    x2bound                                 html  
    x2pos                                   html  
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* creating tarball
packaged installation of ‘MultiATSM’ as ‘MultiATSM_0.3.6_R_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz’
* DONE (MultiATSM)