* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘MultBiplotR’ ...
** package ‘MultBiplotR’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘MultBiplotR’
    finding HTML links ... done
    AddBinVars2Biplot                       html  
    AddCluster2Biplot                       html  
    AddContVars2Biplot                      html  
    AddOrdVars2Biplot                       html  
    AddSupVars2Biplot                       html  
    Bartlett.Tests                          html  
    BasicDescription                        html  
    BinaryDistances                         html  
    BinaryLogBiplotEM                       html  
    BinaryLogBiplotGD                       html  
    BinaryLogBiplotGDRecursive              html  
    BinaryLogBiplotJoint                    html  
    BinaryLogBiplotMirt                     html  
    BinaryLogisticBiplot                    html  
    BinaryPLSFit                            html  
    BinaryPLSR                              html  
    BinaryProximities                       html  
    Biplot.BinaryPLSR                       html  
    Biplot.PLSR                             html  
    Biplot.PLSR1BIN                         html  
    Biplot.PLSRBIN                          html  
    BiplotFPCA                              html  
    BootstrapDistance                       html  
    BootstrapScalar                         html  
    BootstrapSmacof                         html  
    BoxPlotPanel                            html  
    CA                                      html  
    CCA                                     html  
    Canonical.Variate.Analysis              html  
    CanonicalBiplot                         html  
    CanonicalDistanceAnalysis               html  
    CanonicalStatisBiplot                   html  
    CategoricalDistances                    html  
    CategoricalProximities                  html  
    CheckBinaryMatrix                       html  
    CheckBinaryVector                       html  
    Chemical                                html  
    Circle                                  html  
    Coinertia                               html  
    ColContributionPlot                     html  
    ConcEllipse                             html  
    ConfidenceInterval                      html  
    ConstrainedLogisticBiplot               html  
    ConstrainedOrdinalLogisticBiplot        html  
    ContinuousDistances                     html  
    ContinuousProximities                   html  
    Convert2ThreeWay                        html  
    Convert3wArray2List                     html  
    ConvertFactors2Integers                 html  
    ConvertList23wArray                     html  
    CorrelationCircle                       html  
    CrissCross                              html  
    CumSum                                  html  
    DataFrame2Matrix4Regression             html  
    Dataframe2BinaryMatrix                  html  
    DensityBiplot                           html  
    Dhats                                   html  
    DimensionLabels                         html  
    Doctors                                 html  
    ErrorBarPlotPanel                       html  
    EuclideanDistance                       html  
    ExpandTable                             html  
    ExternalBinaryLogisticBiplot            html  
    ExtractTable                            html  
    FA.Biplot                               html  
    Factor2Binary                           html  
    Fraction                                html  
    GD.Biplot                               html  
    Games_Howell                            html  
    GeneralizedProcrustes                   html  
    GetBiplotScales                         html  
    GetCCAScales                            html  
    GowerProximities                        html  
    GowerSimilarities                       html  
    HJ.Biplot                               html  
    Hermquad                                html  
    HistogramPanel                          html  
    InBox                                   html  
    InitialTransform                        html  
    Integer2Binary                          html  
    Kruskal.Wallis.Tests                    html  
    Levene.Tests                            html  
    LogFrequencyBiplot                      html  
    MDS                                     html  
    MGC                                     html  
    Matrix2Proximities                      html  
    MonotoneRegression                      html  
    MultBiplotR-package                     html  
    MultiTableStatistics                    html  
    MultiTableTransform                     html  
    Multiquad                               html  
    NIPALS.Biplot                           html  
    NIPALSPCA                               html  
    NiceNumber                              html  
    NominalDistances                        html  
    NormalityTests                          html  
    Numeric2Binary                          html  
    OrdLogBipEM                             html  
    OrdVarBiplot                            html  
    OrdVarCoordinates                       html  
    OrdinalLogisticFit                      html  
    OrthogonalizeScores                     html  
    PCA.Analysis                            html  
    PCA.Biplot                              html  
    PCA.Bootstrap                           html  
    PCoABootstrap                           html  
    PLSR                                    html  
    PLSR1Bin                                html  
    PLSRBin                                 html  
    PLSRBinFit                              html  
    PLSRfit                                 html  
    PlotBiplotClusters                      html  
    PlotOrdinalResponses                    html  
    PoliticalFigures                        html  
    PolyOrdinalLogBiplot                    html  
    finding level-2 HTML links ... done

    PrettyTicks                             html  
    PrincipalCoordinates                    html  
    Protein                                 html  
    RAPD                                    html  
    RemoveRowsWithNaNs                      html  
    RidgeBinaryLogistic                     html  
    RidgeBinaryLogisticFit                  html  
    RidgeMultinomialLogisticFit             html  
    RidgeMultinomialLogisticRegression      html  
    RidgeOrdinalLogistic                    html  
    SMACOF                                  html  
    SSI                                     html  
    SSI3w                                   html  
    SSIEcon3w                               html  
    SSIEnvir3w                              html  
    SSIHuman3w                              html  
    SeparateVarTypes                        html  
    SimpleProcrustes                        html  
    Sparse.NIPALSPCA                        html  
    SpidersEnv                              html  
    SpidersSp                               html  
    StatisBiplot                            html  
    TetraDualStatis                         html  
    Three2TwoWay                            html  
    ThreeWay2FrontalSlices                  html  
    TransformIni                            html  
    Truncated.NIPALSPCA                     html  
    Unfolding                               html  
    VarBiplot                               html  
    WeightedPCoA                            html  
    anova.RidgeBinaryLogistic               html  
    diagonal                                html  
    dlines                                  html  
    ginv                                    html  
    logit                                   html  
    matrixsqrt                              html  
    matrixsqrtinv                           html  
    moth                                    html  
    ones                                    html  
    plot.Binary.Logistic.Biplot             html  
    plot.CA.sol                             html  
    plot.CCA.sol                            html  
    plot.CVA                                html  
    plot.Canonical.Biplot                   html  
    plot.CanonicalDistanceAnalysis          html  
    plot.ContinuousBiplot                   html  
    plot.External.Binary.Logistic.Biplot    html  
    plot.MGC                                html  
    plot.Ordinal.Logistic.Biplot            html  
    plot.PCA.Analysis                       html  
    plot.PCA.Bootstrap                      html  
    plot.Principal.Coordinates              html  
    plot.Procrustes                         html  
    plot.StatisBiplot                       html  
    plot.TetraDualStatis                    html  
    plot.Unfolding                          html  
    plot.ellipse                            html  
    plot.fraction                           html  
    print.MGC                               html  
    print.RidgeBinaryLogistic               html  
    riano                                   html  
    scores.CCA.sol                          html  
    smoking                                 html  
    spiders                                 html  
    summary.CCA.sol                         html  
    summary.CVA                             html  
    summary.Canonical.Biplot                html  
    summary.ContinuousBiplot                html  
    summary.MGC                             html  
    summary.PCA.Analysis                    html  
    summary.PCA.Bootstrap                   html  
    summary.PLSR                            html  
    summary.PLSR1Bin                        html  
    summary.Principal.Coordinates           html  
    summary.RidgeBinaryLogistic             html  
    summary.TetraDualStatis                 html  
    t3pcovr                                 html  
    textsmart                               html  
    wa                                      html  
    wcor                                    html  
    weighted.quantile                       html  
    wine                                    html  
    zeros                                   html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (MultBiplotR)