* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘LaplacesDemon’ ...
** package ‘LaplacesDemon’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** data
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘LaplacesDemon’
    finding HTML links ... done
    ABB                                     html  
    AcceptanceRate                          html  
    BMK.Diagnostic                          html  
    BayesFactor                             html  
    BayesTheorem                            html  
    BayesianBootstrap                       html  
    BigData                                 html  
    Blocks                                  html  
    CSF                                     html  
    CenterScale                             html  
    Combine                                 html  
    Consort                                 html  
    ESS                                     html  
    Elicitation                             html  
    GIV                                     html  
    Gelfand.Diagnostic                      html  
    Gelman.Diagnostic                       html  
    Geweke.Diagnostic                       html  
    Hangartner.Diagnostic                   html  
    Heidelberger.Diagnostic                 html  
    IAT                                     html  
    Importance                              html  
    IterativeQuadrature                     html  
    Juxtapose                               html  
    KLD                                     html  
    KS.Diagnostic                           html  
    LML                                     html  
    LPL.interval                            html  
    LaplaceApproximation                    html  
    LaplacesDemon-package                   html  
    LaplacesDemon.RAM                       html  
    LaplacesDemon                           html  
    Levene.Test                             html  
    LossMatrix                              html  
    MCSE                                    html  
    MISS                                    html  
    Math                                    html  
    Matrices                                html  
    MinnesotaPrior                          html  
    Mode                                    html  
    Model.Spec.Time                         html  
    PMC.RAM                                 html  
    PMC                                     html  
    PosteriorChecks                         html  
    Precision                               html  
    Raftery.Diagnostic                      html  
    RejectionSampling                       html  
    SIR                                     html  
    SensitivityAnalysis                     html  
    Stick                                   html  
    Thin                                    html  
    Validate                                html  
    VariationalBayes                        html  
    WAIC                                    html  
    as.covar                                html  
    as.initial.values                       html  
    as.parm.names                           html  
    as.ppc                                  html  
    burnin                                  html  
    caterpillar.plot                        html  
    cond.plot                               html  
    data.demonchoice                        html  
    data.demonfx                            html  
    data.demonsessions                      html  
    data.demonsnacks                        html  
    data.demontexas                         html  
    de.Finetti.Game                         html  
    deburn                                  html  
    dist.Asymmetric.Laplace                 html  
    dist.Asymmetric.Log.Laplace             html  
    dist.Asymmetric.Multivariate.Laplace    html  
    dist.Bernoulli                          html  
    dist.Categorical                        html  
    dist.ContinuousRelaxation               html  
    dist.Dirichlet                          html  
    dist.Generalized.Pareto                 html  
    dist.Generalized.Poisson                html  
    dist.HalfCauchy                         html  
    dist.HalfNorm                           html  
    dist.Halft                              html  
    dist.Horseshoe                          html  
    dist.HuangWand                          html  
    dist.Inverse.Beta                       html  
    dist.Inverse.ChiSquare                  html  
    dist.Inverse.Gamma                      html  
    dist.Inverse.Gaussian                   html  
    dist.Inverse.Matrix.Gamma               html  
    dist.Inverse.Wishart.Cholesky           html  
    dist.Inverse.Wishart                    html  
    dist.LASSO                              html  
    dist.Laplace.Mixture                    html  
    dist.Laplace.Precision                  html  
    dist.Laplace                            html  
    dist.Log.Laplace                        html  
    dist.Log.Normal.Precision               html  
    dist.Matrix.Gamma                       html  
    dist.Matrix.Normal                      html  
    dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Cholesky       html  
    dist.Multivariate.Cauchy.Precision      html  
    dist.Multivariate.Cauchy                html  
    dist.Multivariate.Laplace.Cholesky      html  
    dist.Multivariate.Laplace               html  
    dist.Multivariate.Normal.Cholesky       html  
    dist.Multivariate.Normal.Precision      html  
    dist.Multivariate.Normal                html  
    dist.Multivariate.Polya                 html  
    dist.Multivariate.Power.Exponential     html  
    dist.Multivariate.t.Cholesky            html  
    dist.Multivariate.t.Precision           html  
    dist.Multivariate.t                     html  
    dist.Normal.Inverse.Wishart             html  
    dist.Normal.Laplace                     html  
    dist.Normal.Mixture                     html  
    dist.Normal.Precision                   html  
    dist.Normal.Variance                    html  
    dist.Normal.Wishart                     html  
    dist.Pareto                             html  
    dist.Power.Exponential                  html  
    dist.Scaled.Inverse.Wishart             html  
    dist.Skew.Discrete.Laplace              html  
    dist.Skew.Laplace                       html  
    dist.Stick                              html  
    dist.Student.t.Precision                html  
    dist.Student.t                          html  
    dist.Truncated                          html  
    dist.Wishart.Cholesky                   html  
    dist.Wishart                            html  
    dist.YangBerger                         html  
    dist.Zellner                            html  
    hpc_server                              html  
    interval                                html  
    is.appeased                             html  
    is.bayesian                             html  
    is.class                                html  
    is.constant                             html  
    is.constrained                          html  
    is.data                                 html  
    is.model                                html  
    is.proper                               html  
    is.stationary                           html  
    joint.density.plot                      html  
    joint.pr.plot                           html  
    log-log                                 html  
    logit                                   html  
    p.interval                              html  
    plot.bmk                                html  
    plot.demonoid                           html  
    plot.demonoid.ppc                       html  
    plot.importance                         html  
    plot.iterquad                           html  
    plot.iterquad.ppc                       html  
    plot.juxtapose                          html  
    plot.laplace                            html  
    plot.laplace.ppc                        html  
    plot.miss                               html  
    plot.pmc                                html  
    plot.pmc.ppc                            html  
    plot.vb                                 html  
    plot.vb.ppc                             html  
    plotMatrix                              html  
    plotSamples                             html  
    predict.demonoid                        html  
    predict.iterquad                        html  
    predict.laplace                         html  
    predict.pmc                             html  
    predict.vb                              html  
    print.demonoid                          html  
    print.heidelberger                      html  
    print.iterquad                          html  
    print.laplace                           html  
    print.miss                              html  
    print.pmc                               html  
    print.raftery                           html  
    print.vb                                html  
    summary.demonoid.ppc                    html  
    summary.iterquad.ppc                    html  
    summary.laplace.ppc                     html  
    summary.miss                            html  
    summary.pmc.ppc                         html  
    summary.vb.ppc                          html  
** building package indices
** installing vignettes
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (LaplacesDemon)