* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘KarsTS’ ...
** package ‘KarsTS’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘KarsTS’
    finding HTML links ... done
    E1dAndE2d                               html  
    KarsTS-package                          html  
    KarsTS                                  html  
    NAs4Resamp                              html  
    RPKTS                                   html  
    aboutKTS                                html  
    aggregateKTS                            html  
    anaSamPer                               html  
    applyGap2TSer                           html  
    applyTheiler                            html  
    are2TsTimeCompatible                    html  
    areTsGapTimeCompatible                  html  
    areTsRmTimeCompatible                   html  
    arimaKalman                             html  
    arimaXKalman                            html  
    assignMultiple                          html  
    buttons1                                html  
    buttons2                                html  
    buttons3                                html  
    buttons4                                html  
    buttons5                                html  
    checkIfAny                              html  
    checkIfAnyGapOrTs                       html  
    checkIfAnyGapTs                         html  
    checkIfAnyRm                            html  
    checkIfAnyRmTs                          html  
    checkIfAnyTs                            html  
    cleanEnvir                              html  
    compareVecVec                           html  
    composeKTS                              html  
    createChb                               html  
    createChbChb                            html  
    createChbEntry                          html  
    createCrossRM                           html  
    createCrossRMPlot                       html  
    createDistMatrix                        html  
    createEachRb                            html  
    createEntry                             html  
    createFAN                               html  
    createFANplot                           html  
    createGapChb                            html  
    createGapRb                             html  
    createJointRM                           html  
    createJointRMPlot                       html  
    createNote                              html  
    createOK                                html  
    createRandGaps                          html  
    createRandName                          html  
    createRb                                html  
    createRmChb                             html  
    createRmRb                              html  
    createSimpleRM                          html  
    createSimpleRMPlot                      html  
    createSpecGaps                          html  
    createSubPanR4C1                        html  
    createTitle                             html  
    createTsChb                             html  
    createTsRb                              html  
    createtitle_1                           html  
    cumuKTS                                 html  
    destroyMainScreen                       html  
    destroyWelcome                          html  
    determinismKTS                          html  
    diffKTS                                 html  
    embedData                               html  
    endingLines                             html  
    exportall                               html  
    fillWithTwins                           html  
    findDateFormat                          html  
    findTwins                               html  
    fnnKTS                                  html  
    functToExport                           html  
    gamKTS                                  html  
    gapCheckedTF                            html  
    gapDetect                               html  
    gapForSelMethod                         html  
    genGapExample                           html  
    genRmExample                            html  
    genTSExample                            html  
    getCRP                                  html  
    getClassEnvir                           html  
    getCoordsKTS                            html  
    getDelayCharTimes                       html  
    getFANRM2                               html  
    getGapsAfterFill                        html  
    getMaxNegSlope                          html  
    getMaxPosSlope                          html  
    getNAsGaps                              html  
    getNewGapsInd                           html  
    getOtherErrEstim                        html  
    getProTaos                              html  
    getRecurrencePoints                     html  
    getRollStatistics                       html  
    getSamPerTable.1Freq                    html  
    getSamPerTable                          html  
    getScreenSize                           html  
    getStatistics                           html  
    getUniqueSampPer                        html  
    goodnessFilling                         html  
    groupDates                              html  
    groupIndices                            html  
    histKTS                                 html  
    invariantsKTS                           html  
    isTimeAlright                           html  
    laminarityKTS                           html  
    linCorrKTS                              html  
    linearityKTS                            html  
    loadAllTypes                            html  
    loadKarsTSFonts                         html  
    loessKTS                                html  
    mainScreen                              html  
    meanValue                               html  
    mergeTsOrGap                            html  
    missForestKTS                           html  
    modeKTS                                 html  
    mutInf                                  html  
    mutualKTS                               html  
    myApplyVector                           html  
    myLinModel                              html  
    myScale                                 html  
    naApproxKTS                             html  
    naSplinesKTS                            html  
    normalityKTS                            html  
    packagesToImport                        html  
    pcaKTS                                  html  
    plotTimeSeries                          html  
    readMultEntryvalues                     html  
    refreshDataSetsList                     html  
    removeAllTypes                          html  
    removeIfExists                          html  
    removePoints                            html  
    renameAllTypes                          html  
    rmCheckedTF                             html  
    rmDetect                                html  
    rmSlopeOutliers                         html  
    rollStatisticsKTS                       html  
    roundKTS                                html  
    saveAllTypes                            html  
    saveReport                              html  
    scaleKTS                                html  
    scattTimeSeries                         html  
    selectionGaps                           html  
    selectionTS                             html  
    separateEntry                           html  
    setCorrectDate                          html  
    setwdKTS                                html  
    showHelp                                html  
    slopeOutliersBut                        html  
    stationarityKTS                         html  
    statisticsKTS                           html  
    stinemannKTS                            html  
    stlplusKTS                              html  
    theilerKTS                              html  
    tsCheckedTF                             html  
    tsDetect                                html  
    verifyCharEntry                         html  
    verifyDateEntry                         html  
    verifyIntEntry                          html  
    verifyRealEntry                         html  
    welcomeScreen                           html  
    windRoseKTS                             html  
    writeMethodSummary                      html  
    writeMethodTitle                        html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (KarsTS)