* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘EurosarcBayes’ ...
** package ‘EurosarcBayes’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘EurosarcBayes’
    finding HTML links ... done
    EurosarcBayes-package                   html  
    bayes_binom_one_postlike_nstage         html  
    bayes_binom_one_postprob_nstage         html  
    bayes_binom_one_postprob_onestage       html  
    bayes_binom_two_loss                    html  
    bayes_binom_two_postlike                html  
    bayes_binom_two_postprob                html  
    binom_one_alpha                         html  
    binom_one_assurance                     html  
    binom_one_power                         html  
    class_binom_two_bryantday               html  
    class_binom_two_singlestage             html  
    class_trialDesign_binom_one             html  
    class_trialDesign_binom_two             html  
    freq_binom_one_landemets                html  
    freq_binom_one_onestage                 html  
    freq_binom_one_simons_twostage          html  
    finding level-2 HTML links ... done

    freq_binom_two_bryantday_twostage       html  
    freq_binom_two_singlestage              html  
    print.list_trialDesign_binom_two        html  
    properties-methods                      html  
    properties_binom_one                    html  
    shiny_LINES_posterior                   html  
    tradeoff_ellipse                        html  
    tradeoff_linear                         html  
    tradeoff_ratio                          html  
    tradeoff_square                         html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* DONE (EurosarcBayes)