* installing to library ‘/home/hornik/tmp/R.check/r-patched-gcc/Work/build/Packages’
* installing *source* package ‘Compositional’ ...
** package ‘Compositional’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
** using staged installation
** R
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
  converting help for package ‘Compositional’
    finding HTML links ... done
    Compositional-package                   html  
    a.est                                   html  
    acor                                    html  
    acor.tune                               html  
    aeqdist.etest                           html  
    ait                                     html  
    ait.test                                html  
    aitdist                                 html  
    akern.reg                               html  
    akernreg.tune                           html  
    aknn.reg                                html  
    aknnreg.tune                            html  
    finding level-2 HTML links ... done

    alfa                                    html  
    alfa.contour                            html  
    alfa.knn.reg                            html  
    alfa.lasso                              html  
    alfa.mds                                html  
    alfa.mix.norm                           html  
    alfa.nb                                 html  
    alfa.pca                                html  
    alfa.pcr                                html  
    alfa.pprcomp                            html  
    alfa.profile                            html  
    alfa.rda                                html  
    alfa.reg                                html  
    alfa.ridge                              html  
    alfa.tune                               html  
    alfadist                                html  
    alfainv                                 html  
    alfaknnreg.tune                         html  
    alfalasso.tune                          html  
    alfanb.tune                             html  
    alfann                                  html  
    alfapcr.tune                            html  
    alfapprcomp.tune                        html  
    alfarda.tune                            html  
    alfareg.tune                            html  
    alfaridge.plot                          html  
    alfaridge.tune                          html  
    alpha.mle                               html  
    alr                                     html  
    alr.all                                 html  
    ascls                                   html  
    atflr                                   html  
    bc                                      html  
    beta.est                                html  
    beta.reg                                html  
    bic.alfamixnorm                         html  
    bic.mixcompnorm                         html  
    bivt.contour                            html  
    colbeta.mle                             html  
    comp.den                                html  
    comp.kern                               html  
    comp.kerncontour                        html  
    comp.knn                                html  
    comp.nb                                 html  
    comp.ppr                                html  
    comp.reg                                html  
    comp.test                               html  
    compbn                                  html  
    compknn.tune                            html  
    compnorm.contour                        html  
    compppr.tune                            html  
    cv.ascls                                html  
    cv.atflr                                html  
    cv.comp.reg                             html  
    cv.compnb                               html  
    cv.dda                                  html  
    cv.lasso.compreg                        html  
    cv.lasso.klcompreg                      html  
    cv.scls                                 html  
    cv.tflr                                 html  
    dda                                     html  
    ddiri                                   html  
    dfd                                     html  
    dfolded                                 html  
    dgendiri                                html  
    diri.contour                            html  
    diri.est                                html  
    diri.nr                                 html  
    diri.reg                                html  
    dirimean.test                           html  
    divergence                              html  
    dmix.compnorm                           html  
    dmixdiri                                html  
    dptest                                  html  
    esov                                    html  
    esov.mds                                html  
    fd.contour                              html  
    fd.est                                  html  
    folded.contour                          html  
    fp                                      html  
    frechet                                 html  
    frechet2                                html  
    gendiri.contour                         html  
    glm.pcr                                 html  
    glmpcr.tune                             html  
    green                                   html  
    hd.meantest2                            html  
    helm                                    html  
    ice.akernreg                            html  
    ice.aknnreg                             html  
    ice.kernreg                             html  
    ice.pprcomp                             html  
    kent.contour                            html  
    kern.reg                                html  
    kernreg.tune                            html  
    kl.alfapcr                              html  
    kl.compreg                              html  
    kl.compreg2                             html  
    kl.diri                                 html  
    kl.diri.normal                          html  
    klalfapcr.tune                          html  
    lasso.compreg                           html  
    lasso.klcompreg                         html  
    lassocoef.plot                          html  
    lc.glm                                  html  
    lc.glm2                                 html  
    lc.reg                                  html  
    lc.reg2                                 html  
    lcglm.aov                               html  
    lcreg.aov                               html  
    logpca                                  html  
    makefolds                               html  
    mix.compnorm                            html  
    mix.compnorm.contour                    html  
    mixdiri.contour                         html  
    mkde                                    html  
    mkde.tune                               html  
    mlr                                     html  
    multivreg                               html  
    multivt                                 html  
    ols.compreg                             html  
    ols.prop.reg                            html  
    pcc                                     html  
    perturbation                            html  
    pivot                                   html  
    pow                                     html  
    pprcomp                                 html  
    pprcomp.tune                            html  
    probout                                 html  
    propreg                                 html  
    rbeta1                                  html  
    rcompnorm                               html  
    rcompsn                                 html  
    rcompt                                  html  
    rdiri                                   html  
    rfd                                     html  
    rfolded                                 html  
    rgendiri                                html  
    ridge.plot                              html  
    ridge.reg                               html  
    ridge.tune                              html  
    rmixcomp                                html  
    rmixdiri                                html  
    scls                                    html  
    scls.betest                             html  
    scls.indeptest                          html  
    scls2                                   html  
    skewnorm.contour                        html  
    spatmed.reg                             html  
    sym.test                                html  
    ternary                                 html  
    ternary.coef                            html  
    ternary.coefcr                          html  
    ternary.mcr                             html  
    ternary.reg                             html  
    tflr                                    html  
    tflr.betest                             html  
    tflr.indeptest                          html  
    tflr2                                   html  
    totvar                                  html  
    ulc.glm                                 html  
    ulc.glm2                                html  
    ulc.reg                                 html  
    ulc.reg2                                html  
    unitweib.reg                            html  
    zad.est                                 html  
    zadr                                    html  
    zeroreplace                             html  
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path
* creating tarball
packaged installation of ‘Compositional’ as ‘Compositional_6.8_R_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz’
* DONE (Compositional)