Tutorial: Data visualization with ggplot2

Garrett Grolemund , RStudio, Inc - garrett at


In this class, you’ll learn the basics of visualizing data with R and ggplot2. We’ll look at two datasets, one on fuel economy and one on diamond prices, and explore how to create a variety of plot types, focusing on the two most important statistical graphics: the scatterplot and the histogram. You’ll get a flavor of the theory that underlies ggplot2, and see how to create a surprisingly wide range of graph types with just a few simple commands.



The class will be a mixture of lecture and hands on activities.


You don’t need any programming knowledge to get the most out of this class, but before you come, make sure you have installed R and ggplot2 on your computer. The easiest way to get R is to follow the in- structions at Once you’ve installed R, open it and run the following R code: in- stall.packages(“ggplot2”).

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Workshop Materials

Please download the workshop materials here.

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