Tutorial: Bioconductor for the Analysis of High-throughput Genomic Data

Martin Morgan , Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA.


This tutorial introduces R users to the Bioconductor project, a collection of more than 400 packages for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genetic data. The tutorial highlights flexible facilities for the analysis of DNA sequence data.


Topics will include: The tutorial highlights many features of R, including the S4 class system, package dependencies, interaction with web and other general-purpose resources, and management of large data.


Users are expected to have working familiarity with R, and to be comfortable with basic biological and statistical terminology associated with analysis of sequence-based genetic data.

Workshop Materials

Users should come prepared with a modern laptop, including an up-to-date installation of R and selected Bioconductor packages (to be advertised on the Bioconductor web site,, prior to the tutorial).
Please check here for up to date tutorial resources.