Tutorial: Introductory Probability and Statistics Using R

G. Jay Kerns, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Youngstown State University, USA.


The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce new users of R to the basic environment and to share resources and tricks I have learned in my experience introducing R to students and colleagues of my own.


Individuals walking out of this tutorial should be:


Topics will include:


A person attending my tutorial should know how to turn on a computer. It would also help if they have had at least one semester of an upper-division undergraduate course in statistics.

In the last third of the tutorial I will discuss assessment material creation (exams, quizzes, class notes) and for that it would be helpful for users to have a passing familiarity with LaTeX; in the grand scheme of things, however, a person does not even really need that. There are freely available tools nowadays (LyX, GNU Emacs Org-mode + babel) that automate the LaTeX process to a large extent.

Intended Audience

This tutorial is targeted at A) established professionals from other fields (physical/biological/environmental sciences, business, economics) who are comfortable with statistics but are just starting with the R language, B) computer scientists who may be quite competent with the R language but feel tentative about their basic statistical literacy and would like to learn more, or C) individuals who expect to be teaching people from groups A) or B) in the near future.

Workshop Materials

Attendees of my workshop should go here before the tutorial to get up to speed. Other materials will be distributed to the tutorial participants on-site. At this time I do not believe people will need to bring anything except themselves, but if this changes I will post instructions here.
Please check here for up to date tutorial resources.

Related Links

The IPSUR homepage is here. The homepage for the IPSUR package is here, and the homepage for the R Commander plugin package is here.


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