Tutorial: Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks with R

Søren Højsgaard, Department of Moelcular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark.


Introduce participants to using R for working with graphical models (in particular graphical log-linear models for discrete data (contingency tables)) and to probability propagation in Bayesian networks.


There will be a running example about building a probabilistic expert system for a medical diagnosis from real-world data.


Attendees are assumed to have a working understanding of log-linear models for contingency tables.

Further Information

Lecture slides etc. will be handed out during the tutorial. The material will also be made available from the instructors homepage. The instructor is currently (together with Steffen Lauritzen, Univ. of Oxford, and David Edwards, Aarhus Univ.) writing the book "Graphical Models with R" which is scheduled to be published by Springer in the spring 2011 in the useR! series.
Please check here for up to date tutorial resources.