Tutorial: Analysing Categorical Data in R

Marine Cadoret, Applied Mathematics Department, Agrocampus Ouest, France
Sébastien Lê, Applied Mathematics Department, Agrocampus Ouest, France


In many applications, people are interested in the relationship between categorical variables. The aim of this tutorial is to propose an overview of both descriptive and inferential methods for categorical data.


Topics will include:

Intended Audience

Teachers in data mining and data analysis, researchers in applied fields, statisticians whose topic of interest is multivariate analysis of categorical data.


No prior knowledge is required.

Related Links

More information will be available (scripts and datasets) at The information for the participants will be available on the day of the tutorial both on the webpage or at the tutorial itself (but unfortunately not before the day itself).


[1] R (and S-PLUS) Manual to Accompany Agresti's Categorical Data Analysis (2002) 2nd edition, Laura A. Thompson, 2009.