Tutorial: My first R package

Uwe Ligges, Department of Statistics, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany


After an introduction and general discussion regarding R packages, we will focus on the installation and administration of packages in several libraries. In order to develop a package, the tools for building, installing and checking the package must be set up appropriately and the handling of these tools will be discussed. The main part is the development of the package: preparing functions and data, writing documentation, including C code, looking at scoping issue and solving name clashes by introducing a namespace, as well as the debugging. All these topics will be discussed.


Potential attendees

R users interested in package development.


We expect participants to bring their own WLAN enabled laptops with a working R installation (of the current version) to the tutorial.

Related link

The presenter is the author of Programmieren mit R, Springer, 2009.

Tutorial Materials

Slides are here.