Tutorial: Applied spatial data analysis with R

Virgilio Gómez-Rubio, Department of Mathematics, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain


This tutorial is aimed at researchers who have to deal with the analysis of spatial data. The tutorial will tackle the problem of analysing spatial data with the R programming language. Different types of spatial data will be covered, such as point patterns, lattice data and data coming from irregular measurements of continuous processes (geostatistics). In addition, different worked examples will be presented showing how to proceed with the analysis of a wide range of spatial data sets.

The topics of the course will contain an introduction to various R packages for the analysis of spatial data. This includes data import/export, data management and visualisation, and how to fit a broad range of models for spatial data. The worked examples will focus on particular real data sets from epidemiology, environmental sciences, ecology, economics and other application areas.


Potential attendees

Researchers, students and professionals interested in spatial data analysis.

Required knowledge

Some prior knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial statistics would be desirable.

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The presenter is a co-author (with Roger Bivand and Edzer Pebesma) of Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R, Springer, 2008.