Tutorial: A federative, collaborative and R-based platform for e-Science, an overview

Karim Chine, 


Biocep builds on top of R, an e-platform for computing and data analysis. It provides:
  1. A distributed computing framework for R
  2. An advanced cross-platform Workbench for R:
    • Provides built-in views including highly interactive remote graphic devices (with built-in zooming, scrolling, real coordinate tracking..), PDF and SVG viewers, jEdit as a script editing view, R data inspectors, linked plots (server-side iplots).
    • enables users to work interactively with R engines running at any location including clouds and grids
    • Enables collaborative R sessions via a set of broadcasted views
    • Provides a server-side, R-enabled, collaborative spreadsheet
    • Enables the creation of R logical links and R logical clusters for remote R engines scripting and for parallel computations.
  3. A Web Services generator for R functions
  4. An On-the-fly R graphics generator for web applications
  5. A Java Object-oriented API for R, RESTful R API, SOAP R API


This tutorial will provide an overview of the platform, The attendees will learn how to use the virtual workbench, how to create R Servers and connect to them, how to create plugins and macros for the workbench, how to create R Pools on the Amazon EC2 cloud and how to use them for parallel computations, How to use R as a web toolkit, how to combine R, Groovy and Python scripting, how to deploy the platform and access it from Java/Perl/C.

Intended Audience

All R users.