Embedding R in Custom and Standard Applications

Thomas Baier
, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

Embedding R in different types of applications and using different technologies, even on different operating systems will be discussed.

* Application Architectures: COM/.NET or SOA/Web Services
* Using R on Windows platforms
 - COM basics
 - COM/VBA (embedding into standard applications)
 - .NET/C# (embedding into custom applications)
 - data transfer/special values
 - graphics in custom applications
 - frontend and backend servers
 - debugging aids
 - R Server pools/RServerManager
* Using R on Linux/MacOS X platforms
 - Web Services (SOAP/http)
 - Web Service caveats: stateful and stateless servers
 - using R remotely from a Windows Application (Web Services/C#)
 - basics for using R locally
* Advanced Windows topics
 - "callbacks" from R
 - automating standard software (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint)

Intended audience

* custom application developers
* statisticians/developers searching for background information and
 some guidelines on embedding R
* users of standard software (e.g., MS Office) and R
* developers/statisticians already using R/Scilab (D)COM Server