S1: Statistical software: The future
7.Patrick WessaA new framework for statistical software development, maintenance, and publishing within a feasible open-access business model
17.Kosuke Imai, Gary King, and Olivia LauToward A Common Framework for Statistical Analysis and Development (Also Known As, Zelig: Everyone's Statistical Software)
32.Duncan Temple LangSome thoughts on the Next Generation Statistical Computing Environment
S2: Statistical software: Languages
21.L.Fraser JacksonRevisiting Array languages for Statistical Computing
25.Ross IhakaCommon Lisp as a Vehicle for Implementing Statistical Environments
28.Anthony (Tony) RossiniStatistical Computing using Common Lisp: Back from the Past, with a Twist.
S3: R packages
14.David A. HendersonCollaborative Research Projects between Insightful Corporation and the R Community
19.Herve PagesEfficient pattern matching on very large strings using the Biostrings package
35.David ScottImplementing Distribution and Quantile Functions
S4: R packages: OOP
5.Deepayan SarkarUsing method dispatch to extend Lattice displays
26.Martin MaechlerClass Hierarchies and Method Organization for Matrices
40.Thomas YeeDeveloper's Issues Encountered from Writing The VGAM package
S5: Statistical software applications
3.Ibrahim AbdullahiUsing R for Canonical Analysis of Response Surface Design
11.Lyndon WalkerSocial Simulation using R
13.Aaron PingBeyond Line Charts: Graphing market trends with R
S6: Developer tools I
1.Thomas LumleyMemory profiling in R
15.David A. Henderson and Stephen P. KaluznyS-PLUS Workbench: An Integrated Development Environment for S Programmers
31.Duncan Temple LangAutomating the interface between R and C/C++ code
S7: Developer tools II
6.Seth Falcon The weaver Package
8.Uwe LiggesManaging Huge R Package Repositories Problems and Required Changes
22.Stephen KaluznyThe S Package System
S8: Statistical graphics
24.Brendan McArdleGIR - An OpenGL Binding for R
36.Paul Murrell and Ross IhakaDisplay Lists in Statistical Graphics
39.Achim Zeileis, Kurt HornikChoosing Color Palettes for Statistical Graphics
S9: Dynamic and interactice graphics
18.Derek LawFlexible Rendering and Interaction for 3d Statistical Visualization
30.Hadley WickhamGGobi Pipeline
33.Michael LawrenceExtending the GGobi pipeline with rggobi
S10: Statistical models
2.Claus Dethlefsen, Soren Hojsgaard and Steffen L. LauritzenGraphical modelling software in R - status.
23.John FoxParametrization, Linear Hypotheses, Marginality, and "Types" of Tests in Linear, Generalized Linear, and Similar Statistical Models
38.Friedrich LeischFlexible Implementations of Cluster Analysis and Mixture Models
S11: Statistical software: Web and Java I
4.E. James Harner, Dajie Luo, and Jun TanA R/Java-based Statistical Learning Environment
34.Hubert RehrauerMAGMA: Statistical microarray analysis made user-friendly
37.Carrie Greene WagerWeb interfaces to high precision robotic bioassay with multilevel models
S12: Statistical software: Web and Java II
10.Todd L. GravesMarkov chain Monte Carlo with YADAS
20.Nianhua Li, Martin Morgan, Seth Falcon, Robert GentlemanExposing R as Java-based web services
29.Yoshikazu Yamamoto and Junji NakanoParallel and distributed computing in a statistical system Jasp
S13: Data management/Large data
9.Sandrah P. Eckel and Roger D. PengInteracting with local and remote data repositories using the 'stashR' package for R
12.Richard A. O'KeefeTrees for robust summaries in small sliding windows.
27.Peter DalgaardCan we have better semantics for attach()?
S14: ????
16.Ryota Suzuki, Tatsuhiro Nagai and Tomoya TaniguchiNatto: Visualizing Mixed Type Dataset for Exploratory Data Analysis
41.Kurt Hornik, Christian Buchta, Achim ZeileisOpen-Source Machine Learning: R Meets Weka
42.Simon UrbanekHow to Talk to Strangers - ways to leverage connectivity between R and other environments
43.Dirk EddelbuettelSoft versus Hard: A comparison of random number generators between R, GSL and a non-deterministic generator