All presenting authors will be invited to submit a full paper for publication in the DSC proceedings, which will appear in a special issue of the journal Computational Statistics.

1.Thomas LumleyMemory profiling in R
2.Claus Dethlefsen, Soren Hojsgaard and Steffen L. LauritzenGraphical modelling software in R - status.
3.Ibrahim AbdullahiUsing R for Canonical Analysis of Response Surface Design
4.E. James Harner, Dajie Luo, and Jun TanA R/Java-based Statistical Learning Environment
5.Deepayan SarkarUsing method dispatch to extend Lattice displays
6.Seth Falcon The weaver Package
7.Patrick WessaA new framework for statistical software development, maintenance, and publishing within a feasible open-access business model
8.Uwe LiggesManaging Huge R Package Repositories Problems and Required Changes
9.Sandrah P. Eckel and Roger D. PengInteracting with local and remote data repositories using the 'stashR' package for R
10.Todd L. GravesMarkov chain Monte Carlo with YADAS
11.Lyndon WalkerSocial Simulation using R
12.Richard A. O'KeefeTrees for robust summaries in small sliding windows.
13.Aaron PingBeyond Line Charts: Graphing market trends with R(Fig 1)
14.David A. HendersonCollaborative Research Projects between Insightful Corporation and the R Community
15.David A. Henderson and Stephen P. KaluznyS-PLUS Workbench: An Integrated Development Environment for S Programmers
16.Ryota Suzuki, Tatsuhiro Nagai and Tomoya TaniguchiNatto: Visualizing Mixed Type Dataset for Exploratory Data Analysis
17.Kosuke Imai, Gary King, and Olivia LauToward A Common Framework for Statistical Analysis and Development (Also Known As, Zelig: Everyone's Statistical Software)
18.Derek LawFlexible Rendering and Interaction for 3d Statistical Visualization
19.Herve PagesEfficient pattern matching on very large strings using the Biostrings package
20.Nianhua Li, Martin Morgan, Seth Falcon, Robert GentlemanExposing R as Java-based web services
21.L.Fraser JacksonRevisiting Array languages for Statistical Computing
22.Stephen KaluznyThe S Package System
23.John FoxParametrization, Linear Hypotheses, Marginality, and "Types" of Tests in Linear, Generalized Linear, and Similar Statistical Models
24.Brendan McArdleGIR - An OpenGL Binding for R
25.Ross IhakaCommon Lisp as a Vehicle for Implementing Statistical Environments
26.Martin MaechlerClass Hierarchies and Method Organization for Matrices
27.Peter DalgaardCan we have better semantics for attach()?
28.Anthony (Tony) RossiniStatistical Computing using Common Lisp: Back from the Past, with a Twist.
29.Yoshikazu Yamamoto and Junji NakanoParallel and distributed computing in a statistical system Jasp
30.Hadley WickhamGGobi Pipeline
31.Duncan Temple LangAutomating the interface between R and C/C++ code
32.Duncan Temple LangSome thoughts on the Next Generation Statistical Computing Environment
33.Michael LawrenceExtending the GGobi pipeline with rggobi
34.Hubert RehrauerMAGMA: Statistical microarray analysis made user-friendly
35.David ScottImplementing Distribution and Quantile Functions
36.Paul Murrell and Ross IhakaDisplay Lists in Statistical Graphics
37.Carrie Greene WagerWeb interfaces to high precision robotic bioassay with multilevel models
38.Friedrich LeischFlexible Implementations of Cluster Analysis and Mixture Models
39.Achim Zeileis, Kurt HornikChoosing Color Palettes for Statistical Graphics
40.Thomas YeeDeveloper's Issues Encountered from Writing The VGAM package
41.Kurt Hornik, Christian Buchta, Achim ZeileisOpen-Source Machine Learning: R Meets Weka
42.Simon UrbanekHow to Talk to Strangers - ways to leverage connectivity between R and other environments
43.Dirk EddelbuettelSoft versus Hard: A comparison of random number generators between R, GSL and a non-deterministic generator