News: call for proposals to host useR! 2020 in North America.

The R Foundation actively supports two conference series, organized regularly by members from the R community:

  • useR!, providing a forum to the R user community.
  • DSC, a platform for developers of statistical software.

A rough outline of the format for the respective conferences is given below; both conference formats were developed by the Austrian Association for Statistical Computing (AASC) in cooperation with the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.

The R Foundation is also endorsing a small number of conferences in under-supported regions to encourage the development of the local R community, particularly in academic and scientific research. Endorsed events are listed below.

Conference-related activities are co-ordinated by the “R Foundation Conference Committee” (RFCC) currently consisting of Julie Josse (Ecole Polytechnique), Heather Turner and Achim Zeileis (Universität Innsbruck) plus ex officio secretary and treasurer of the R Foundation. The RFCC can be contacted by email at

The R Foundation has a policy requiring codes of conduct at R conferences.

useR! — International R User Conference

useR logo

This is the main meeting of the R user and developer community, its program consisting of both invited and user-contributed presentations:

  • The invited keynote lectures cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from technical and R-related computing issues to general statistical topics of current interest.
  • The user-contributed presentations are submitted as abstracts prior to the conference and may be related to (virtually) any R-related topic. The presentations are typically organized in sessions of either broad or special interest, which also comprise a “free” discussion format. Such a discussion format not only provides a forum for software demonstrations and detailed discussions but also supports the self-organization of the respective communities.
  • The RFCC actively invites potential local organisers to submit proposals regarding future useR! conferences. Groups thinking about hosting a useR! conference are welcome to contact the RFCC by email at

Usually, no proceedings are published for useR! conferences.

DSC — Directions in Statistical Computing

DSC logo

DSC is a conference for the developers of statistical software and researchers in statistical computing which is somewhat focused on but not exclusively devoted to R. It aims at providing a platform for exchanging ideas about developments in statistical computing (rather than `only’ the usage of statistical software for applications).

DSC has had two different incarnations. The first was a biennial conference series from 1999 to 2009 with open registration, an open call for papers and peer-reviewed conference proceedings. After a 5 year hiatus, DSC resumed in 2014 as an annual conference coinciding with the General Assembly of the R Foundation. In its current form, participation in DSC is by invitation only.

Other Conferences Endorsed by The R Foundation

Endorsement of other conferences is a new initiative intended to encourage the development of useR!-like meetings in regions beyond the reach of useR!, where the local R community is not so well-established. These meetings may have official languages other than English.

  • ConectaR [Spanish] January, 2019, San José, Costa Rica.
  • LatinR [Spanish/Portuguese/English] September 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • R Day [Portuguese] May 2018, Curitiba, Brazil.