R Foundation Membership

The R foundation consists of ordinary and supporting members:
Ordinary members
are elected by a majority vote of the general assembly. New ordinary members are selected based on their non-monetary contributions (code, effort, ...) to the R project. The initial set of ordinary members at establishment of the organization consisted of the members of the "R Development Core Team" as listed in the sources of R release 1.5.0.
Supporting Members
Any person or legal entity may become a supporting member. Supporting members promote the organization primarily by paying membership fees.

Annual membership fees for supporting members are

supporting natural persons:EUR 25
supporting institutions:EUR 250
supporting benefactors:EUR 500
To become a supporting member of the R Foundation, please fill out the membership application form and return it by fax or mail. To renew your membership, please fill out the membership renewal form and return it by fax or mail. All supporting members will be listed on the R project homepage and in one issue of R News per year (unless the respective member prefers otherwise).