Tutorial: R Graphics

presented by Paul Murrell

This course will assume that you already know how to call a function to produce a plot in R. We will start by discussing how to customize an R plot, including how to modify the appearance of a plot (e.g., colours and fonts), and how to add extra output to a plot (e.g., extra data series, labels, and arrows). In the second part we will discuss how to customize a Trellis (lattice) plot and talk about why it is different from customizing other sorts of plots. Finally, we will introduce the grid graphics system in R and show how this allows you to create plots with a great deal of flexibility.

The course is based on the book "R Graphics" (Murrell, Chapman Hall/CRC, 2005); useRs can obtain this book at a 20% discount from here. The online promotion code is 585HHXXXX.

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