Panel Discussion

A panel discussion on Getting recognition for excellence in computational statistics took place at the end of the official conference program. Panelists included representatives of well-established journals in computational statistics and of the ASA sections on statistical computing and graphics.

They discussed how recent developments in computational statistics impact the performance assessment in peer-reviewed journals and professional careers.

In the first part of the discussion, each panelist gave a slide-based introduction of the represented journal or society. This was followed, in the second part, by an open discussion of a variety of questions raised by the auditorium and the panel host.

Panelists were as follows.





Jan de Leeuw


Journal of Statistical Software


Tim Hesterberg



ASA Section on Statistical Computing

Martina Mittlböck


Computational Statistics & Data Analysis


Paul Murrell


R News

ASA Section on Statistical Graphics

Erich Neuwirth


Computational Statistics


Luke Tierney


Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics


Their short presentations addressed the following issues.

Key topics in the open discussion were as follows.

The full panel discussion can be downloaded as a video in various formats: [wmv] (450 MB) | [mpeg] (839 MB) | [mov] (304 MB). Additionally, the audio only is also available as [mp3] (58 MB). Due to the size, please download the full file (right click and "save as...") rather than streaming it in your browser.